The Personal and the Civilizational

First, some words from Rushdoony:

Liberals say, “The Personal is the Political.”
This is reasonable, as — so far as they are concerned — salvation (healing, protection and a noble future for all) can be gained only by a sufficiently powerful government.

Christians are to think differently: “All Under Christ.” Salvation comes from Christ; and since all human institutions are marred by sin, all human institutions are to repent and turn to Christ for salvation (healing, protection and a noble future for all).

No government can provide salvation: if anything, there should be a great number of governments in society – civil societies, legal domains, independent churches under a large number of bishops and denominations, family independence, personal liberty, etc — so none can be in a position to claim authority over everything, and no idol can be raised to spite God.

The freedom to secede, to break away and to walk away when a man or a community wills it, is to be protected as well for all groups and societies, from families to churches to nation-states to employers/corporations.

The Christian is not to be committed to a particular political order, but to a particular standard of justice: God’s standard. As outlined in the Old Testament, and modified by Jesus Christ.

Victory is coming, demographically.

But such a victory is simply not good enough. Christian victory is not to be a matter of having the most people… the best science… the top schools… the biggest military… the greatest economy. These are the symptoms of victory, not the core.

Christian victory is to be the triumph of good over evil, everywhere. Justice must cover the earth, and freedom granted to all the captives. The final enemy, death, much be driven back and broken. The weak must be safe and secure from injustice, while the wealthy must not fear robbery or theft.

Christ over all is the goal.

Justice and mercy over all is the means.

Personal salvation is merely the starting point.

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