Law Level Quiz

(Copy/Paste from the my other blog.)

Law Level Quiz

OK, so where do we put the United Kingdom on the Law Level scale?

From MegaTraveller: Referee’s Manual, page 22

0. No Law
(WordPress starts its list at 1. Therefore, the odd placement for Rule 0)

  1. Low law (body pistols. explosives, poison gas prohibited)
  2. Low law (portable energy weapons prohibited)
  3. Low law (machineguns, automatic rifles prohibited)
  4. Moderate law (light assault weapons prohibited)
  5. Moderate law (personal concealable weapons prohibited)
  6. Moderate law (all firearms except firearms prohibited)
  7. Moderate law (shotguns prohibited)
  8. High law (blade weapons controlled, no open display)
  9. High law (weapon possession outside the home prohibited)
  10. Extreme law (weapon possession prohibited)
  11. Extreme law (rigid control of civilian movement)
  12. Extreme law (unrestricted invasion of privacy)
  13. Extreme law (paramilitary law enforcement)
  14. Extreme law (full-fledged police state)
  15. Extreme law (all facets of daily life rigidly controlled)
  16. Extreme law (severe punishment for petty infractions)
  17. Extreme law (legalized oppressive practices)
  18. Extreme law (routinely oppressive and restrictive)
  19. Extreme law (excessively oppressive and restrictive)
  20. Extreme law (totally oppressive and restrictive)

Throw in the free speech restrictions — “If you offend someone, if you make them feel bad, you have broken the law!” — and I’d peg it at around 16 or so.

But no cool uniforms, no executions, no labour camps, no shrieking Leader yelling about the Enemies of the People.

And there are elections… reasonably fair ones, too!

But you can buy knives without ID in the People’s Republic of China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Russian Federation. No prison time due to calling men men and women women either… even if they don’t like you doing so.

“Just saying.”

Slavery… Again

“So long as the sex is easy, there’s plenty of entertainment and booze/drugs, and the food, shelter and medicare is free — the standard obligations masters have to slaves, serfs and proles since Roman times — no problem!”

Masters can kill you, rape you, mutilate you, humiliate you… but they can’t enslave you without your permission.

Thus, most use lure of Free Stuff, as well as the Whip, to keep the proles in line.

“But if they threaten my family, I have to kneel!”

Because Master promises not to hurt them if you give in?

Exactly how much value do you think Masters place on promises?

(Or on anyone’s family, anyone’s liberty, other than their own?)


“There are no heroes in the face of pain.” – George Orwell

It depends on your definition of the world ‘hero’.

If you think that you will be adored, revered, or respected by the public because you suffered abuse, think again.

Once upon a time, it was possible that you might be at least remembered as a saint. But not if today’s belly-crawling, boot-licking Western pastorate have anything to say about it!

As soldiers of Christ, we are to surrender to unbelievers at every level.

We are to surrender in public and in private, at the macro level and on the micro level, on a national scale and on a private scale. We are to surrender to every secular authority that is placed over us.

We Need to Surrender by Carlos Chung, writing in
The Master’s Seminary blog

“The Master’s Seminary”, indeed!

But if you are working to please God rather than the Masters, or the Masses, things are different.

That doesn’t mean that you will surely protected from rape if you resist the Right Sort, or be executed for learning to read – or for reading the wrong things.

(But it’s surprisingly likely: miracles happen, and the wailing tyrant-children of 2019 are pussy cats compared to the serious tyrants of 1979…who themselves were paper tigers compared to the psychotic mass genociders of the 1930s-60s.

Basically, Orwell was wrong, so far as accurately predicting the future is concerned.)

Instead of being a hero, you will simply be doing what is right like a man should, pushing humanity forward into a better future… regardless of the personal cost. Expanding the Kingdom of God, in other words.

“I would love to be able to regulate the content of speech,” the California Democrat told CNN’s Brianna Keilar. “The First Amendment prevents me from doing so, and that’s simply a function of the First Amendment.”

Lieu obviously takes it for granted that many politicians would muzzle their enemies if it were permitted and that only meddlesome legal strictures prevent them from enacting their dark desires.

Those strictures no longer look so strict. New York state’s blue-tribe government last year repeatedly abused regulatory power in assaults against independent institutions. […]

For his part, Donald Trump, red tribe jefe, demands unwavering personal loyalty. […]


There’s no reason to show respect to a system that sees us as nothing more than enemies to be smashed.

Stop Treating Government With Respect, by J.D. Tuccille

Oppressors rule… until they don’t.

Usually because the money runs out. But sometimes, due to a crushing military defeat.

Or the public – including the pastors – grow a spine, astonishing the world.

(Hat tip: Hong Kong.)

Yay, The Third Imperium!

I suppose that’s why I like the (fairly pagan) Third Imperium of the Traveller RPG. It’s not the public’s money they are spending, thus allowing limitless waste and debt — all to be blamed on Anyone Else, when the financial house of cards comes tumbling down.

It’s the Noble’s own money that’s being spent, which places meaningful limits, budgets, and restrictions on what can be done, how oppressive and controlling he can be, how far he can push around the public, the merchants, the planetary governments.

This does not guarantee a sane and prosperous nation: ask the French Monarchy about that. But being forced to take the limits of reality seriously helps with the culling of bad ideas, or oppressive and foolish (and thus, costly and de-legitimizing) laws.

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