Reconciled Media: an Interview with Josh McDurmon

A quote:

My favourite story in the Bible is when avid brings the Ark back in to Jerusalem, I believe that it’s II Samuel 6. And he’s leading this huge parade, you know the story he is dancing in a linen ephod and one of his wives gets all upset about that.


The text makes a point of saying that David made the sacrifices. And he made sure that every person in Israel got a piece of flesh, and a flagon of wine. So I knwo that this guy knows how to throw a party!”

Joel McDurmon, from the Reconcilled Media interview above.

Also worthy of note:

McDurmon mentions that, when God clearly directed the priests to take the worst cuts of sacrificed meat for themselves, and give the best to God, they LOVED to “randomly” take the best cuts of meat for themselves.

Remember to mention this to your pastor. I’m sure that he will appreciate your high level of Biblical literacy.


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