Using Privilege

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From the Real World…

What instigated the post:

WATCH: School Teacher Owns Border Patrol Agents, Refuses to Comply with ‘Citizenship Check’

And Marinov’s commentary:

The obvious thing in this video is how courageous this woman is, and just look at the faces of the despicable uniformed thugs who don’t know what to do with her. She is blond, white, well-educated, outspoken, obviously an American citizen, and they can’t just pound on her as they do on people with a different skin color. So they are forced to keep their distance grinding their teeth. And even when one of them flips out says, “No, we don’t let people go to the bathroom” (which does happen to people of different skin color), the boss then comes and mitigates the situation.

But there is more. This woman uses her white privilege in the most moral way possible: not for herself, but for those who are oppressed. She knows she has that privilege, and presses it in the faces of those thugs all the time: “So if a brown person said ‘yes, I am a citizen,’ would you believe them the way you would believe me?” They don’t know what to do with her. And she capitalizes on it, to press her case for other people.

Modern fake “conservatives” like to whine that Democrats attract voters by promising them welfare. The truth is, both parties are exactly the same on this issue. But if you want to know why Democrats have been capable of growing their base, especially among the minorities, this is it: many of them have been using their white privilege for moral reasons like the one above. While modern “conservatives” have only denied it, and have adopted a defensive stance. This is the main reason why the Republican Party has been losing support among minorities and among young people.

Bojidar Marinov

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The Point

It’s not the existence of privilege and social rank that the problem: it’s what you do with it. Will you be merely self-serving, always placing the need to protect your social class above any concern for others of lesser rank? Will you just lie your head off and claim that social rank does not exist? Or will you use your power for good, to protect the weak, to insure the victory of what is right and good?

And — all democratic, collectivist, and conservative claims to the contrary — EVERY society has a set of Social Ranks. There are always and everywhere some people who have more money and power than others, more pull and respect from the law, politicians, and the police, than others do.

(If you value getting into the Inner Circle, then you also need to get into, and graduate from, the right universities.)

Conservatives should fear God and, instead of just lying about it, take responsibility for who they are. If God put you in a high place, there is a reason for it… and with greater power and authority, comes greater responsibility and obligations to all those under you, especially to the weak and the powerless.

Refusal to uphold your responsibilities will bring shame and disgrace, as those privileges are stripped from you. As God placed you in a high place, it is no great problem for Him to cast you down.

And He is quite willing to use distasteful tools to do it.


Privileged Christians looking to get right with God can’t go too far wrong, starting with The Problem of Slavery in Christian America. The documented crimes fill much of the book, which makes for hard reading, but necessary reading. How can you understand the poor & the weak, until you can see things through their eyes? How can pick out the speck from the eyes of your brother, without removing the log in your own?

The solutions provided are real solutions, but involve personal work, church to church and man to man. The cost involves your resources, certainly your time and perhaps your money: but most importantly than money, the privileged must meet the weak face-to-face, often after spending a lifetime isolating themselves from the lower classes.

We all should know that “isolation => blindness, deafness, and then death”; even Early Modern European Nobles often lived in the same neighbourhoods as the impoverished, and of course had them as servants.

There will come a time when the Welfare State will die: first for the poor (food stamps, etc) then for the middle class (Medicare mainly, but also Social Security). It is best to build personal relations with the poor, and heal the rifts and wounds, before the hard times come.

Peaceful and just societies, without ground-in racial fears and hatreds, have a good shot of becoming broadly prosperous cultures.

When the corporate welfare state dies, the rationale for the very existence of the government comes into question. But that day is far into the future, methinks, as that day has the entire Establishment as its enemy, which will fight it tooth and nail.

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