Are Children Persons?

Are Children Persons? by Toni

The answer is yes, but the details are important and worth hearing. Christians must actually listen to their children, as valuable people rather than valuable property or just annoyances.

God values children: we need to do the same.

Escape From Childhood: The Needs and Rights of Children by John Holt is a good read. It is useful to learn how to value children, today, just as they are.

“We, in modern-day America, underestimate children’s abilities to make reasonable judgments far more than have any other people at any other place or time in history. In the name of protecting children we hurt them, sometimes viciously. As Holt shows brilliantly, children need the same rights to advance their own interests and protect themselves as we grant to adults.”

Holt is an atheist, and his writing reflects that. It will be a good day when there are numerous Christians who value children as highly as Holt does, and speak out their love.

But until then, I will not fault God for using the tools that are available right now (like Holt) to protect children; rather than wait for the tools that are supposed to be doing their job, but are mysteriously absent for some reason or other (you know who you are.)

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