Kindness to Prostitutes

Most of a recent post as on the The Praetorian Guard, but there was a section on Dangerous Women that I’ll reproduce below:

–=[quote begins]=–

Fun Times With Dangerous Women

Joseph Scott

And don’t forget Plutarch’s story of the death of Commodus itself. Having resolved that maybe Commodus had gone too far, and maybe they should do something about it, at least before someone else did and held them responsible, the Praetorian officers sat around arguing about who would kill Commodus. It seems none of them had the stomach for it. With their bickering and attempts to push the job on one another getting nowhere, a prostitute walked up to them in exasperation and said “Give me a knife.” Then she killed Commodus.

Amazing, what a top-tier prostitute whose handy with a knife can do.

Being a sweet-hearted, God-fearing man, I always had a soft spot for Jael…

But Sisera fled away on foot to the tent of Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite, for there was peace between Jabin the king of Hazor and the house of Heber the Kenite. And Jael came out to meet Sisera and said to him, “Turn aside, my lord; turn aside to me; do not be afraid.” So he turned aside to her into the tent, and she covered him with a rug. And he said to her, “Please give me a little water to drink, for I am thirsty.” So she opened a skin of milk and gave him a drink and covered him. And he said to her, “Stand at the opening of the tent, and if any man comes and asks you, ‘Is anyone here?’ say, ‘No.’” But Jael the wife of Heber took a tent peg, and took a hammer in her hand. Then she went softly to him and drove the peg into his temple until it went down into the ground while he was lying fast asleep from weariness. So he died.

Judges 4:17-21, English Standard Version

…because a woman pounding a tent peg into the skull of a sleeping man under treaty protection — all with the hearty approval of God Himself — is a lot more interesting to consider.

Most blessed of women be Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite, of tent-dwelling women most blessed.

Judges 5:24, English Standard Version

But prostitutes as a group should not be sold short: Rahab the prostitute flat-out sold out her nation to God-fearing genociders, their glittering swords waiting just outside the walls of Jericho. And for her reward not only saved the lives of her immediate family, but in time had her bloodline mingled in with that of Jesus Christ Himself.

Three thousand years later, I am happy to bless both their names!

–=[quote ends]=–

and I ended the section with:

“Christians would be wise to give a certain level of respect to prostitutes. You never know…”

A few days later, I actually discovered probably the biggest world-historical example of Christian kindness to a high-level prostitute, richly re-payed: Empress Theodora of the Byzantine Empire.

It is a good thing, to help heal and spend time teaching the lowest of society. Often, the rewards are just with the healed: this is no problem with God. Sometimes, it takes time for the seed to blossom: God has all the time in the world, so no worries there.

Sometimes, the rewards expand to the saved woman or man’s entire network, which is a great thing. And – rarely, but a live possibility — the rewards encompass a nation, reform an empire, change the direction of an entire civilization.

Christians are to be the tools of God.

And – fortunately for us – God LOVES leveraging weak, dirty, but Christ-following, heart-repentant tools to change the world.


“Following in the footsteps of Christ has an extensive number of benefits.”

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