A Hard Road to Glory

‘Greedy’ N. Korean woman became generous in Christ

A redeemed woman, captured by evil and dreary Communist/Emperor-Worshiping State Security types.

She did well, through the pain. Remember her: your trial may well come someday.

(Although, God be praised, the likelihood of my readers being tortured to death recedes over time, as the Kingdom of God covers more of the earth, and more deeply too, reshaping and purifying it.)

One point… well, two… stood out:

As they carried her, a strong odor caused people to turn their heads away from [the redeemed woman].

“Her illness deepened and she died without any treatment. North Korea does not provide medical treatment to Christians in prison.”

The woman who related this story was a member of the security bureau herself and witnessed the incidents described. She managed to escape North Korea and became a Christian, partly as a result of the testimony of the “greedy lady” and other believers suffering for their faith in North Korea’s prisons.

‘Greedy’ N. Korean woman became generous in Christ, by Mark Ellis

First, note the denial of treatment to Christians – but not to actual criminals, like rapists, murderers, etc. All Statists operate the same way: “It’s about power, not justice!”

And you, Christian, are the primary enemy of the consistent, disciplined, and focused Secularists. Not thieves, not murders, not rapists. You.

Fortunately, properly consistent “The State is the Source of the Law!” Secularism is rotting away. Such places are damned: and their damnation spreads and deepens, until they are ruined and all shun & flee them whenever possible.

Satan’s way leads to poverty and disgrace and death, despite a brief and superficial glitter, mainly tied to the Dear Leaders. But there can only be one Dear Leader: everyone else, especially the ordinary slaves and serfs, is looking for a way out!

Second, note that even in her death, the repentant woman spreads the Gospel. After all, its someone who used to be in State Security — but fled, and became a Christian — who is telling us this story.

God will expand his Kingdom, and evil will fail and fall, regardless of media support or State Security thugs or all the rest of it.

More and more, it is our living testimony that gets things done. But it is good to know that God can use even our rotting flesh to expand His Kingdom of life, and peace, and justice…

…leaving smashed & broken tyrants scattered about, left to crumble into dust.

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