At the Right Hand of God

(From 48:53) Now we could also mention the image that’s familiar to us, of the right hand of the
throne. It’s a phrase that’s used throughout Scripture. We’re told that after during his ascension Jesus sat down at the right hand of the Father. The right-hand man to the King was his intermediary to others: you did speak to the king and the King didn’t speak to you. It all came through an intermediary. Jesus at the right hand of the throne is not a subordinate position.
It’s not a number-two position. It refers to Jesus as the intermediary. It means that everything goes through Jesus. He’s not just the intermediary of our prayers (and we pray through Jesus) but everything — the action from the throne, everything — that we refer to as God goes through Jesus Christ, because of Jesus Christ. It stresses the centrality of who Jesus Christ is today. He’s at the right hand – he is – and everything goes through Jesus.

I like this bit, as it glorified Jesus Christ properly.

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