Jesus on Homosexuality

“Homosexual conduct cannot be defended on the basis of a supposed silence of Jesus Christ (or any other biblical basis, for that matter). And we must remember: silence is not golden, it is yellow.”

The current Established corporate-media-academic-political support for perversion will result in poverty, disgrace, humiliation and death. To build a road to the future, the walls of Sodom must be attacked today.

Postmillennial Worldview

PMT 2014-020b by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

Oftentimes in the debate over homosexuality among Christians, we hear an attempted defense of homosexuality on the following basis: “Jesus never uttered one word about homosexuality.” In fact, on the Huffington Post website we find the article “What Were Jesus’ Views on Homosexuality?” by Elizabeth Cunningham. In that article she states (in part):

“As for Jesus, he said nothing on the subject of homosexuality. You could argue, and many have, that he didn’t have to make pronouncements. He was an observant Jew who would have regarded homosexuality as a sin. The truth is, we will never know his views on this subject.”

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