Patriarchal Fascism: The Fool’s Errand

Generally, I don’t care very much about the alt-right/ethnonationalist/(crypto)Nazi viewpoint. They had their ‘fun‘ about 70 years ago, leaving 4.3 million German boys dead, a roughly 2 million raped German women, and a busted & disgraced nation as the result of their demonic lunacy.

AND the powerful network of White-ruled global empires, dominant for centuries, were left fatally weakened by the fascists too. Just felt like throwing that in.

If it were only pagans and atheists insisting on returning to that steaming pile of poisonous vomit, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, assuming the fools had no authority over me. Reality (as directed by God) is quite able to deliver the necessary punishment for willfully evil folly.

But, because there are — unbelievably! — people who claim to be both Christian Reconstructionists and Ethnonationalsts (a.k.a. the Kinists), prophetic work will have to be done to dig out the pile of propaganda that they use to spread their set of suicidal delusions to ordinary, ho-hum White Conservative Christians.

I’d rather have those White Conservative believers live, have lots of happy homeschooled children, build a nice small-scale (yet profitable!) business, and live in peace and freedom with their neighbours, instead of waste their lives and destroy their future in some moronic race war.

(I wish the same for Black Conservatives as well. And Jewish Conservatives. Even Pagan Liberals of all tribes can’t go too far wrong following the advice above: they’d just have to ditch their anti-capitalist/public schooling mentality.)

Anyways, those White Christian Conservatives would benefit from the video above. And for those who prefer the written word, click here.

Summary: Learn from Experience.

Don’t imitate the collectivist Nazis. Or the collectivist Islamic State. (Nazi policy of attacking Black churches, synagogues and mosques is far closer to Islamic modes of terror than what the actual Crusaders did centuries ago.)

And ditch the patriarchalism. It stinks of power-worship, and it does bad things to your mind sexually.

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