Seriously Though… Where DID All These Nazis Come From?

For those who want the written word, go here.

Exactly discovering where all these Nazis are coming from can be deducted from Sarah Robinson’s ending paragraphs:

At the end of the day, the people willing to repeat it–those responsible for consuming this rhetoric, for passing it around, for reproducing it, adopting its terms and parameters, and for helping it reach a greater audience, for helping it cultivate its desired attitudes slowly and through careful manipulation of information until its targets are primed for the more extreme versions which they find in online communities just waiting to take them in and make them feel like members of a swiftly growing and empowering movement that seeks to eliminate the source(s) of all human misery and return society to a prelapsarian ideal hierarchy which protects their interests…

Is us.

Is my friend. Is Near-And-Dear PMing me 4chan hoaxes and extremist special interest groups’ content. Is me. Is YOU. And it’s your business to interrogate the base assumptions that you share with nazi propaganda that made you vulnerable in the first place. Is ‘western civilization’ a meaningful concept? Is race a meaningful biological category? Is society actually in decline? Because it doesn’t seem to me like the end of legal segregation is ‘decline.’ That increasing antipathy toward racism—until we accidentally started spreading racist ideology again by adopting the terms and discourse parameters of racists, that is—is ‘decline’. What if some things have grown worse and other things have grown better, what if there is no unilateral direction of all culture all at once? What if culture is made up of people and people are complicated and there is no explanatory meta-story that makes the complexity go away and gives you a clear vision of who must be defeated to save the world from decline?

Because we listened to messages that appealed to our presuppositions and our anxieties. We found narratives that blamed all the misery of the world on a group of people instead of the universal fallenness of mankind. We shared these sources and their information. We adopted their paradigms of social and political discourse. We linked arms with them, whether we knew it or not. WE, normal people, well-read people, mostly (I hope) well-meaning people, were and continue to be the links in a direct chain of information that leads from the worst and most toxic parts of the internet—and by extension, the engines of a pernicious old ghost we have long hoped was gone for good, rendered ghoulish by history but still there all along on the fringes—to the public eye. Christians are most especially responsible, because we are commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves, and we are forbidden to sit around deciding who meets the qualification of “neighbor” based on ingroup-outgroup qualifications (you know, like Joseph Goebbels did when he said your neighbor is your blood and ethnic comrade.) We are supposed to begin with the logs in our own eyes, because judgment begins in the house of God. So where did all these Nazis come from?

They came from us.

The source of evil isn’t the Other.

Well, not merely because they are from some outsider group anyways. A man may be evil, or may not be: you have to sniff these things out on an individual, case-by-case basis.

No. It is the Church, a.k.a. all the believing Christians alive today — as opposed to some particular denomination(s) — who holds the keys to the kingdom, who shapes the world, who directs the destiny of theworld for good or ill.

And if Christian believers refuse to repent, but – like Adam, and like Cain – chooses to shift blame from their own failure, expect nasty consequences.

Better to repent of our own failures, today, grow in humility, today, become better servants of others today — yes, even pagans, our wives, our unpleasant neighbours, those weird foreigners, those smelly poor people — and live.

And gain in blessings, in liberty, in wealth, in peace and contentment.

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