Certainly, our mortal relationships are of high importance: after all, God decided that it was not good for man to be alone: he needed to be in a relationship with other men, male and female.

And to a great extent, our eternal position and destiny is shaped by how we valued and nurtured… or abused and neglected… these mortal relationships.

But at the end of the day, we stand alone before God’s judgement seat. Not you and your husband or wife; not you and your children or clan; not you and your tribe or nation.

Just you.

And finally, the fundamental, eternal relationship between you and God is determined.

Christ makes the call, if you are an adopted brother or sister of His… or not.

Either your name is in the Book of Life… or not.

And it does you no good…
if your wife’s or husband’s name is in the book…
if your brother’s or sister’s name is in the book…
if your son’s or daughter’s name is in the book…

…and you name isn’t.

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