Protection Theatre

Churches – and Mosques, and Synagogues — need to insure the security of their members and visitors. This means guns, preferably of an armed congregation, but at least of private ushers carrying heat.

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Now, from Quora: Do you agree with the censorship of the New Zealand massacre video?, written by Dennis Pratt.

Mr. Pratt does a fine job, covering the disgusting routine of the New Zealand government to protect and empower itself, above all.

Dennis Pratt, 40 years studying a loving, peaceful, voluntary life.

Punish the Innocent
First, it’s such a great illustration of how our rulers deal with problems like violent crime: Target the innocent. I read that (allegedly) a boy of 18 is now facing 14 years in jail in New Zealand for sharing the video[1][2] [3][4] !

Right! Do we really think that the actual problem here is people trying to understand — outside of all government filters — what really happened here!

Next, the government will target Muslims who want to protect their mosques, threatening them with 30 years in cages should they bring guns for real defense.

State Terrorism
Second, the enforcement of censorship laws is, in itself, an act of terrorism: it is targeting violence against innocent, peaceful, noncombatant civilians in order to advance their political agenda, which is the definition of terrorism.

I get that our rulers want to control how and what we think; it makes us oh so much easier to subjugate. But to condemn terrorism while threatening violence on otherwise peaceful citizens for political gain is the height of hypocrisy.

Third, it is certainly an act of propaganda. The rulers want a monopoly for their ruler-approved spin on the story, which inevitably (rulers being rulers) will suggest that the solution is to increase their subjugation of us (e.g., disarming the population even further and preventing us from seeing what really happened).

Banning the most accurate, real-time record of exactly what happened is just another example of government replacing hard fact with state fiction. If we allow this, over time we will see more and more reductions of our freedom of speech and our freedom of thought, and eventually, we will be left only hearing — open mouthed — those spins that serve our rulers.

Hide the State’s Incompetence
It is startling how the video belies the myth that we only need our rulers’ guns to protect us.

The video shows a man calmly walking to groups of people, fully armed and unopposed, shooting, retiring to reload, walking back to shoot again, taking time to unjam, shooting some more, retiring to reload and to check his equipment, shooting some more, running out of bullets, exiting the building, walking through a parking lot, down to his car at the next property, looking through his inventory of bombs and guns, selecting another gun, walking back down the sidewalk, back through the parking lot, up the stairs and over the first bodies, and then back into prayer room to shoot some more, and some more, and some more, and some more.

And this continues and continues.

Where were the rulers’ promised, can’t-be-beat, no-need-for-a-backup-plan, monopoly protection?

News stories from “officials on the scene” say that it took “six minutes” for the police to arrive. But the video tells a different story — a cold, callous, calculated, leisurely murder spree of everyone who was there. He only stopped well after no more targets were moving.

The police were certainly not there before the murderer had finished shooting everyone!! He had already walked back to his car (killing a women in the street for good measure), closed his trunk, checked his mirrors, driven over her body, and was safe in his car, happily on his way to his second targeted mosque, listenin’ to tunes on the ra-di-o, and a mile away, before we start to hear the sirens of the “first responders”.

Oh, how lucky were the Muslims that their rulers were there “to serve and to protect” them?! Those first responders arrived just in time to separate the dead from the dying from the maimed, to write their reports in triplicate, and, most importantly of all, to give the media the politically endorsed Official Account.

Is it any wonder why a boy of 18 faces 14 years of caging and rape for daring to view the incompetence of his masters?

Hide The Lesson of Self Protection
One of the biggest takeaways I would hope anyone would get from watching the actual video is that YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY!!!

And that’s not a lesson that the state wants you to learn. You see, their biggest argument for ruling over you, for controlling everything that you do and for taking anything they want from you, is that you must give them all your freedom so that they can protect you.

After the murderer had shot the greeters and ushers at the front door, here’s what the video shows:

All the people in the mosque went huddling into two corners of the large prayer room! Each corner was filled with at least 30 people, with their backs turned to the hallway from which the murderer would emerge, each worshipper trying to shrink down to get behind the other worshippers to use their bodies as shields.

The murderer walks into the large prayer room — totally unopposed! No one even close to him. (And certainly, no one with a gun, because, well, we all know, because our rulers have told us so, “Guns are bad!” — at least guns not in our rulers’ hands.)

He stands at the doorway and shoots into the mass of humanity in one corner — killing killing killing. He then turns 180 degrees and shoots into the mass of humanity in the other corner — killing killing killing.

A thinking viewer, if he were permitted to view the video, would quickly realize that if even a subset of those 40 people on the other side of the room ran at the murderer when his back was turned, they would have overpowered him quickly.

The murderer retires back into the hallway, reloads, and the returns. The clumps of panicked humans are now even more tightly concentrated, such that one bullet will kill many. No one has thought to advance on the hallway.

And the murderer kills again, aiming systematically into both groups.

At last, one young man detaches himself from the group of panicked, dying worshippers, while the murderer is concentrating his fire into the opposite group, and this brave boy charges the murderer.

But no one else joined him!

It is this single attack that disrupts the murderer the most throughout the entire video!

Unfortunately, the boy does not know how to tackle. He uses his side and bounces off the murder, who after a short struggle is able to bring his rifle down and around and kill the boy. Shooting the boy over and over and over again in the murderer’s now panic, and then retiring, audibly scared, to regain his composure, to reload, and then to reenter the room to continue killing anyone who remained alive and who were too scared to advance to defend themselves and their loved ones.

And I was left with the shock that no one else had joined in the boy’s counter-attack. If just two or three had attacked with the boy, they would have stopped this murder spree right then. If a few men (or even, come on now, ladies in their hijabs) had rushed to either side of the hallway door, they could have grabbed the rifle as the murderer reentered; they would have stopped the massacre.

Instead, everyone else hid in plain sight, like sheep for the slaughter. Perhaps they were just waiting for their rulers’ guaranteed protection to come. No need to do anything yourself. Surely it must come soon!? Minute after murderous minute, thus they died waiting for their rulers’ protection.

Even after the killer left the mosque, walked back to his car (on another lot), selected another gun (after rejecting others), and walked back into the mosque, no one was waiting. No defense had been organized.

The killer walks into the room again, again unleashing into both piles of bodies, and then walks to one pile and then to the other, shooting anything that seemed still alive, or even seemed still human.

Now, instead, of taking away our ability to protect ourselves, as New Zealand’s female ruler courageously proposes, someone who really cared about us would be telling us, “Here is how you mount a defense!”

But instead, their “solution” is to make sure that we regular citizens may never defend ourselves.

And in addition, they attack innocent people for sharing a video because those people might start thinking that they need to rely on something more than their rulers empty promises.

A Good Guy With A Gun
You see, the video doesn’t show what happened at the second mosque. Which, I have to say is pretty lucky for our rulers because it would likely have been the single best argument against gun control.

But even the video that is now outlawed by our rulers, and cannot even be named for shame that viewing it may turn you yourself unwittingly into a terrorist (and there’s no need to view it, because, after all, our rulers have gone through the trouble to view it themselves and have come up with their exact right official spin as to what it shows so that we are all thinking what we are told to think) …

…. That video might have been enough to make us start wondering….

Why was one attack on one mosque so successful (>70 people killed and maimed), but the other attack, relatively unsuccessful? In the video (that shall remain forever unseen), it seemed so easy to go in and kill a large group of unarmed people! Anyone watching that might wonder, “What was the difference in the outcomes between the two mosques?”

Well, you won’t get it from the official, ruler-approved version of their story. But can you guess why the second mosque came out with so (relatively) few deaths?

(And if you haven’t asked this very question, then you, unlike those who might be more highly motivated to scour the video for hints, are not really trying to figure out how to stop these types of attacks, but simply waiting for your rulers to fake-protect you by encaging kids for watching the video.)

Here’s what stopped the second attack!
There was a guy at the second mosque with pair of big brass balls[5] . He was an Afghani veteran of Afghanistan wars. And instead of shrinking into a corner, he grabbed whatever he could, which turned out to be one of those small credit card readers, and threw it at the shooting murderer. (Remember, he can’t have a gun, becaus good guys aren’t allowed guns, because, as our rulers tell us, “Guns are bad!”)

And he keeps on his attack, advancing on the murderer, dodging behind cars to shield him from the constant fire, distracting the murderer, preventing him from entering the mosque to do what the murderer had so easily done at the first mosque.

This hero eventually grabs a shotgun that the murderer had discarded after his first kills of the men at the door. And now, the murderer sees our hero, seemingly armed, advancing on him.

And do you know what the murderer does? Come on! Leave the Matrix. Think! You can guess it!

He retreats!!!! He runs!! Back to his car.

Here’s the thing that your rulers don’t want you to know the most: When faced with an unloaded gun, the murderer stopped murdering.

And our hero? He has no bullets for this gun that now is scaring the murderer back into his car. Instead, our hero throws the shotgun like spear, and the shotgun strikes the murderer’s car window, breaking it in a loud crash.

And the murderer? He thinks he’s under defensive fire from a Good Guy with a Gun.

What do you think he does now????

Well, your rulers certainly don’t want you to know!

He hauls his sorry, cowardly ass out of there, leaving seventy people still alive and unhurt. He was looking to kill unarmed people, not shoot it out with just one (assumed-to-be) armed defender.

Oh, this is certainly not any story that any ruler really wants us to think about really hard!!

Nope! So, let’s put anyone in jail who wants to find facts outside of the Official Story. Because, to a politician, this event is not related to safety; truth doesn’t matter; nope, it’s all about political power.

Why, were we to actually inspect this fully and openly, without being forced what to think, we might even think that we need more of our neighbors with the ability to protect us, better (and more quickly) than the rulers’ police can.

Protection Theater: The Pretense of Protection
You see, it’s so hard to stop bad guys — especially if your “first responders” are nine or ten minutes away — before the bad guys do bad stuff to poor unarmed you.

Bad stuff happens pretty quickly, and if your rulers (who themselves don’t have to worry, given how they are all protected by their personal armed guards for which you pay) have fearlessly passed tough anti-gun laws so that you won’t be protected. What if we were to realize that good people were the ones who are most likely to be there — at the scene when something bad is happening, suffering the same bad stuff? What if we realized that these good guys, if they had a gun, might feel a real need to respond immediately, not in 9–10 minutes to protect themselves and the innocents around them. Nope! Can’t allow those dangerous thoughts. Have to make sure that you good neighbor can’t respond and he must just die with you. Because otherwise well, would their “free” monopoly “protection service” be as critical?

Your ruler calculates, if (s)he can’t stop the bad guys from doing bad things, what else might she do to show that she’s on top of this issue? The answer is pretty clear: Go after some good guys! After all, good guys won’t fight back.

Point her state guns — not at someone shooting into unarmed masses — but at good people who could own guns to protect those unarmed masses.

Oh, and don’t stop with stealing the ability of good people from protecting themselves. Use SWAT to break down the doors of teens watching the video, trying to figure out what really happened and what it really means for the real protection of their lives!!

Think of the photo-ops!! Proudly run “perp walks” of these innocents to demonstrate to a frightened public that you as ruler are “doing something” strong and powerful to protect them. You will not rest until every teens room is tossed!

It doesn’t matter that your attack on these innocents makes us in reality less safe. All that matters is that it keeps you the ruler in power.

The Unethical Act of Censorship
The biggest problem for me with this type of censorship of the video is how unethical it is.

You see, we ethicists care more about ethics than we do about ruler law, and far too often, ruler law turns out to be highly unethical.

Ethics starts with you fully owning your own body. No one else owns you. (Otherwise, that would be what we call “slavery”.) And this prohibition against you being forced to be a slave even extends to your ruler owning you.

And you, as the full owner of your body, may use your body however you choose, as long as you do not violate another human’s body. And in the logic of ethics, the first person to violate another human’s body is the unethical person, and commensurate violence may ethically be used to stop him or her from that violation.

Now, let’s say you are a teen and you used the eyes of your body to watch a video and the fingers of your body to allow other interested bodies to see it as well. Well, you are not violating anyone else’s body.

But then SWAT descends upon your room, killing your dog, threatening you with automatic fire (like that which you were watching on the video). They stomp on your body, and slam your head, and place your limbs in chains, and kidnap you and throw your body into a cage, where your body is available to be raped by real criminals.

Big ethical question here for the reader:
Who — the teen or the ruler — is one who is actually violating someone’s body?

Now, I understand that most people don’t give a darn about ethics — they are so indoctrinated into ruler worship that they care only for whether something is “legal” or not. And fortunately for rulers, most of their laws are (trivially) by definition “legal”.

But for those few who care about ethics, let’s remind our fellow citizens that there is something greater than law — it’s called ethics — because otherwise, our rulers will continue to use their monopoly control of laws to further and further enslave us to them.

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[1] 18-Year-Old Arrested in New Zealand For Sharing Terrorist’s Facebook Video

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