Establishment Religion

From Gary North’s Humanism’s Chaplains

Establishment Religion

What Lloyd-Jones wants is simple: the triumph of irrelevance. If he didn’t want it, he wouldn’t argue so vehemently for its inevitability, especially in the face of the biblical testimony favoring victory, in time and on earth–not perfection, but victory. (See J. M. Kik’s The Eschatology of Victory, published by Craig Press; Box 13, Nutley, New Jersey, 07110.) I am reminded of C. S. Lewis’ words: “In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise.  We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.” (The Abolition of Man [New York: Macmillan, (1947), 1967), p. 35.)

What he calls for–and what the overwhelming majority of widely read, academically respectable Christians call for–is the defense of the status quo of the late twentieth century.  The modern status quo, being Darwinian, or Marxist, or in some other way evolutionistic, is based on the idea of change, whether reformist or revolutionary. It wants more government, not less; more State welfare, not less; more coercively enforced economic equality, not less; more taxation of the productive, not less. The modern status quo is the status quo of constant change–government-enforced experimentation. This is the legacy of the French Revolution, which Lloyd-Jones is so worried about, yet he has adopted it, but without its original optimism. He wants an economy of tinkering bureaucrats, for that is what the welfare State invariably produces, and he wants a welfare State. Because the language of the modern status quo is the language of change, our modern academic, non-fundamentalist Christians can wrap themselves in the flag of progress and change, when that flag is, in fact, the flag of the status quo. They can ignore biblical reconstruction–indeed, they feel compelled to oppose biblical reconstruction–which would forever abolish the humanist welfare State, with its constant economic intervention. These men are defenders of the humanists’ evolutionary State. They are the chaplains of humanism’s bureaucracy. They are the transmission belt of Fabianism in the world of evangelical Christianity. Their job is to keep the silent Christian majority forever silent, or, where the majority is no longer Christian, to keep the Christian minority fearful, despondent and impotent. They have done their job very well. They have been supremely victorious in this century in promoting the psychology of perpetual Christian defeat. Chaplains for the status quo, they have paraded in the uniforms of “impossibility thinking”–the impossibility of Christian reconstruction in today’s society of humanistic evolutionism.


What is so unique about Lloyd-Jones’ resentment’! Nothing.  it is the standard, run-of-the-mill pap that has been stuffed into the heads of two generations of American college students, and three generations of British students. It is the same old Fabianism, the same old Keynesianism. It is the status quo.  So, using the language of anti-status quo, Dr. Lloyd-Jones joins the ranks of the ordained chaplaincy of humanist conformity. He is a Conformist’s conformist, and he has therefore been granted the right to use the language of progressive reformism–so long as it is not promoted in the name of Christianity, so long as it abandons any appeal to Old Testament law, and so long as it abandons hope. 

Is it any wonder that leadership like this has produced generations of socially impotent Christians? is it any wonder that humanism, in the form of the welfare State, has triumphed?  In the realm of society, the salt has lost its savor. We have been afflicted with chaplains who have actively promoted savorless salt. The sheep need better shepherds; they need shepherds who are not front men for political humanism’s wolves.

The job of an Establishment preachers is simple: “Their job is to keep the silent Christian majority forever silent, or, where the majority is no longer Christian, to keep the Christian minority fearful, despondent and impotent.”

These men have done very well over the last century.

Time to expel this filth from the church.

Purge the Pulpits.

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