Habitual Failures

We should beware of those who dwell on their own personal angst, personal struggles, personal hardships. Yes, Broken Wolves should be looked out for. But in addition to this deeply painful personal hurt, the Church of Jesus Christ suffers from an ecclesiological and eschatological angst. Carter hit on something useful in regards to personal psychology, but the covenantal psychology of the Church needs to be addressed. Our theology of history and our theology of the church teaches us that we will always be the remnant, that we will always be the persecuted, that we will always be defeated. We must not pretend as is if generations of pessimism do not affect cultures. Yes, Broken Wolves are a danger to local churches, but far too many local churches play the role of Broken Wolf. Always the victim. Always defeated. Always broken.

Beware of Broken Wolf Dens, by John Andrew Reasnor

Time to get rid of this Satanist, evil-exalting crap.

Especially when it is preached from the pulpit!

Idea for the day: Purge the Pulpit

Time for God’s people to:

  • repent of their evil (especially against the weak);
  • get serious about building and sacrificing for their families and neighbours;
  • get real about faith in God, and His absolute and inevitable vicotry over the wicked, in time and on earth;
  • put in time and money to care for the widows, the orphans (including the fatherless children), and the poor personally
    • (as opposed to tossing the burden on an impersonal, messianic machine-state, and then totally forgetting about the small and the weak)
  • Build Covenantal Communities
    • Don’t merely build churches: go the whole way, and disciple nations and governments as Jesus commanded! Justice is what God sees, and how can the laws of a nation be just, if they are not grounded in what God said in the Bible?

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