Mathematical Challenges to Darwin

Another Crack in the Wall

The Official Narrative gets another crack in its Face of Power.

I don’t expect the Darwinian Narrative to truly go down until the funding ends. But the unanswered, ignored, and willfully misinterpreted challenges, from Behe to Gelernter, increases the level of rot and quiet disbelief within the scientific priesthood… a discontent that is sure to spread.

In the meantime: the neuroscientists, forced to abandoned their beloved materialism, turn to parapsychism. And Coppedge of Creation Evolution Headlines pounds on the fundamental issue of trust here:

–[Quote from the article Whose News Is Fake News? begins]–

Those in the mainstream media typically expect science to provide expertise on this problem. They worry that people are losing trust in scientific authority. Their readers, however, are not without reason to doubt the integrity of experts. Some recent examples:

  • All the mainstream media (with the exception of Fox News) promised Trump’s impending downfall in the Russia collusion story, and said so with confidence for two years, claiming the evidence was irrefutable. They were wrong.
  • Google just hosted a conference in Italy about climate change. Politicians, scientists and celebrities who attended flew over 100 private jets to get there, dumping carbon recklessly through the atmosphere, when a simple online meeting could have been a more “green” way to do it. Observers see the hypocrisy of such actions.
  • Astronomers have been telling the public for decades that everything they see represents only 5% or less of what exists, but they have no idea what the other 95% is, despite millions of dollars searching for dark matter and dark energy.
  • Nutrition news changes constantly. Eggs are bad; eggs are good. Fats are bad; fats are good. Now scientists are even having second thoughts about saturated fat. The “Food Pyramid” taught in schools for years was based on flawed research.
  • Science journals acknowledge a huge integrity problem in their own ranks, with scandals and misconduct, often not caught. At the same time, most published papers are irreproducible (the “replication crisis”).
  • Cosmologists claim that nothing banged and became everything. Folks understandably think that makes no sense. Other cosmologists escape into a mythical multiverse that could never be observed or proven, even in theory.
  • Evolutionists claim that every life form just happened by chance, according to a “law” of natural selection that is no law at all (equivalent to “Stuff Happens“). After 160 years of indoctrination that this is the only “scientific” view, a significant number of people still doubt the tale, and trust the Biblical account of creation instead.

The experts, in addition, often act with arrogant elitism. This rubs many people the wrong way. Scientists need to communicate that they are people, too, just as prone to error and bias as everyone else. They need to be up front about their biases and admit when they are wrong.

–[Quote from the article Whose News Is Fake News? ends]–

Why Kingdoms Fall

That last bit, about the elite gaining humility and admitting their biases, will never happen.

And that’s why the Empire will fall. No ability to error-correct, no ability to bend, no ability to learn from mistakes. Just bloated arrogance, procedural gaming, censorship and information control, and name-calling till the money runs out and the Media Machine falls apart.

The properly indoctrinated and proud Darwinist is deeply committed to their stand against God, against reality, against any repentance. And so, standing against reality, they are crushed by reality: slowly at first, then as time (a friend of God and His people) marches on, obviously to all.

Quite likely, there won’t even be a “mainstream message” in ten years. Cut off the government funding and grants — ever more likely as the population ages, welfare burdens and regulatory requirements increases (as always), and a general default on government debt and promises arrives in the 2030s — and it’s all over.

Time to Meet the Future

Christians were woefully unprepared for the fall of the Soviet tyranny. I am confident that the worthless shepherds that rule us will be 100% unprepared for the fall of Darwinism and Atheistic Materialism, as well.

Assuming that they don’t try to prop it up and stop Uncontrolled Change, like religious leaders (conservative and liberal) routinely do. All to protect their comfort zone, gain favour with power, and keep the money coming in.

  • “Who cares what the Bible says? It’s far more important to Fear Powerful Men!”
  • “Support the Aristocracy! No matter if it’s tied to Pure Blood, or by Correct Ideology, always support the Ruling Elite!
  • They cried out, “Away with him, away with him, crucify him!” Pilate said to them, “Shall I crucify your King?” The chief priests answered, “We have no king but Caesar.” — John 19:15, ESV

So much for the laughable shepherds, quick as always to abandon the flock and flee the wolves.

(Admittedly, I am making the dangerous assumption that the shepherds aren’t really wolves in disguise.)

But what say you, the intelligent layman?

What will the knowledgeable Christian woman do?

Hopefully, something other than “Trust the priests (black -and white-robed), follow the pastors, obey the doctors, listen to the experts, and fear the elite!”

We should fear God, and not men.

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