The Ten Rules For Media Suppression

In his article The El Paso Shooter (2019) and John Brown (1859), Gary North notes in passing the Ten Rules for Media Suppression.

As Christians are quietly hated in newsrooms and media centres across the West, it will do us well to understand how Our Masters work to suppress the Christian viewpoint.

Yes, yes, the official target today are white supremacists. There will be other targets tomorrow, most certainly including those believers who have no time for perversion, or for pretending that all religions are equally true and valuable, or who just plain refuses to lie about someone’s sex, to call a man a woman because they delusionally claim to be so.

There is always another media target. It will always be of the right. And the greater the possibility to slander Christians, the more eager the media chase will be.


So then. On to the ten rules of media suppression… paraphrased, rewritten, and clarified.

  1. The media spreads a message. Make sure that it’s the Right Sort message.
  2. Follow the enemy’s money trail, reveal the funding sources.
  3. Stress the sordid history of the enemy.
  4. Use Approved Terminology to discuss the enemy.
  5. Use strategic silence, to avoiding to playing to the enemy’s PR goals.
  6. Record your interactions with the enemy. The enemy certainly is!
  7. Always paraphrase what the enemy is saying. Never quote directly.
  8. Investigate the role technology plays for the enemy. But never link to the enemy’s websites.
  9. Align yourself with the enemy of your enemy.
  10. The enemy wants notoriety. Don’t give it to them.

So, the media game plan for the current foe, white racists, nationalists, and supremacists.

What does it mean for Christians?

  • We have different goals than the white nationalists. As North says, “politics fourth”: we are in no rush for power over/control over others. “Remove the beam from our own eye first Lord, and then we can remove the speck out of our brother’s eyes.”

    Different goals means different roads.
  • Avoid being dependent on any given Mr. Moneybags… or face becoming his paid lackey. Better to serve many people, and do your work on many donations. Or put in the decade or three needed to be independently wealthy,
  • We may be angry, but we may not sin. Murder, theft, lying about what our foes say, lawlessness, tyranny, slander: all this is SIN. Winning is not the point of the Christian life: living a righteous, just, and compassionate life is.

    Victory comes naturally to the godly life: but lawful, public authority is the last of the gifts to be given, after we have proven ourselves in lesser things. A clean personal life, grounded in Biblical teaching; a happy and godly family; honest work at a decent job, successfully helping others; running a profitable business with satisfied repeat customers: all these things come before gaining political power.

    We are not to be self-adoring yet fearful nationalists, and we are not to be politically-driven liberals (or power-focused, authority-obsessed conservatives, for that matter) “Politics Fourth! Not First, Not Second, Not Third! FOURTH”

    (And when it’s time to rule, we start at dogcatcher, and we start locally, in our town and county. National authority is at the end of a generations-long process! God rightfully demands that we prove ourselves at small things, before being granted great power and authority.)
  • All of history matters: the parts you like, and the parts you would rather have forgotten. But remember: while there is no legal partiality permitted between the weak — the orphan, the widow, the stranger, the poor — and the strong, God identifies with the weak.

    Something to remember, especially when considering your at at His Throne, at the Final Judgement.
  • Sure, carry a recorder when dealing with the press. But overall, it’s better to avoid the hostile Press Corp: remember, they get to edit your speech, your pictures, to put words in your mouth.

    I recommend avoiding giving your enemies this kind of power over your image, at least until you are far more experienced in using the press, preferably as well as Our Masters are.
  • Christians are to value the truth very highly: when possible, always quote directly, to avoid the possibility of altering the truth or putting an artificial face on your foe. We serve the God of Truth, who hates lies, and not a Political Establishment and its paychecks and insider parties. Only paraphrase when the material is too long or complex to easily digest, and always give a link to the original source.
  • Out target audience is the intelligent layman: we should have enough respect for him, to give him the links to the original material. That way, he can judge the evidence for himself, and determine if we are speaking the truth or not. Our audience are not children to be indoctrinated with an edited version of reality (a.k.a. lies), but adults to be educated, in depth whenever possible.
  • Always consider the possibility that you are missing something important. Carefully listen to all, friend and foe. Use the Bible as the true measuring rod, the plumb line to go on the straight road, neither to the right nor the left. Work hard to see things as God sees them, to have the emotional reactions that God has, for the good and the evil.
  • Notoriety, fame, power & dominance over others: there are not the goals of the Christian. Holy living, righteous, the love of truth, the hatred of wickedness (especially in our own hearts!), humility and kindness, loving God first and also your neighbour, the sinner: this is what God wants to see!

Media tools exist to serve the people who sign their paychecks, to say the words (true or false) that gets the desired political & cultural results.

We exist to serve the Living God, to expand His Kingdom, to speak and live the truth!

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