Educated Savages

The Hatred of the Elite

A post regarding the students of Trent University, set in a small town in Canada.

What the local residents created…

What our future Cultural Superiors prefer.

Such radical evil is to be stomped flat: but that means paying a number of serious prices to break the power of Satan over their town. And who wants to face the pain of the Gadaren pig herders, who suffered the loss of their livelihood and their homes when Jesus threw out the demons of a possessed man? (Matthew 8:28-34)

“Better to let the man suffer and die, and the pig herders keep their income and jobs” says the voices of reason and common sense. Including the solid majority of economists – the first of the professions to go pure-atheist.

God sees things differently, then and now.

In the meantime… note that the solid majority of young students praised the vandals. And the solid majority of Christian parents will continue to send their children to universities like Trent, so they can gain a pile of debt to pay off the financial benefits of the Right Sort.

Who cares if my sons and daughters become a stink in the nostrils of God? What’s important is that their future career path is solid and secure!”

Yes, there are plenty of alternatives: many trades earn far more than most university graduates, and there are a number of ways to earn a recognized degree (remotely and online) that avoids the moral cesspool of the university.

Not that the typical Christian parent cares about any of this.

How many parents reply along these lines?

“I’m not going to contribute one dime to send my child into that moral cesspool. That place is a recruiting ground for atheists, feminists, Marxists, and envy-driven anti-capitalists. I refuse to put my child under their authority. That place is a meat-grinder.”

The number of these parents is not legion. They constitute a remnant.

Gary North, The Solemn Ritual at Which American Parents Surrender Control Over Their Children

This would be a good time to avoid the example of the majority of Christians, as God is not mocked, and His wrath is a fearful thing.

The Vision of the Masters

Every so often, a truck comes by the mill to pick up the aborted babies. To proaborts, they are simply medical waste – bio-hazard goo. To #God, they humans created in His image, with a #ministry and a plan. Who knows who’s in those tubs…the first woman President? A #NobelPrize winner for world peace? Or a med student who stumbled on the cure for #cancer? Instead, they are on their way to a landfill.

Yes, there are dead children in those red tubs. And the plans God had for them are dead, too.

From KeepLifeLEgal

The march of our lawless masters leads not merely into a ditch, but into mass graves.

I am curious to know when Western Christians will decide to stop kneeling to the Sophisticated Satanist.

To the extent that we tolerate the rule of wealthy and evil men – in the courts, in academia, in media, in politics — to the extent that we remain intimidated by the powerful stink of the wicked (“They are oh-so-powerful! We must fear them far more than we should fear God and His Wrath”) to that same extent our future is stuffed into rotting landfills, too.

Stop fearing powerful men… and their yapping, hateful spawn.

Start fearing the Lord your God, His Law-Word, and His Justice.

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