On Young & Pious Men, Ready to Enter a Catholic Seminary

I suppose you can read the Jesuit article, The church wants my son to consider the priesthood. After the abuse scandal, how can I trust he’d be safe in seminary?

But you already know what I would say – after a bout of incredulous laughter.

“Are you delusional? You know who your deeply religious, supposedly anointed-by-the-Holy-Spirit leadership are, don’t you? OBVIOUSLY NOT!”

There are people who really are anointed by the Holy Spirit…

…and there are those powerful men in fancy dress who will cheerfully, publicly and directly blaspheme His Name, 100% uncaring about the fires of Hell and the Lake of Fire, in order to gain access to young men from a position of religious authority.

And the Catholic Power Elite stands about, wondering why their regular supply of fresh meat/new priests have been drying up for the last few decades.

“So the eventual Islamic takeover of Catholic Europe is going to be a major step up in morality and ethics, yes?”

“It looks that way. Of course, Islamic culture is a patriarchal – and therefore sodomite – culture. But at least they won’t pretend to be Christians and won’t claim to act in Christ’s Name, so the level of blasphemy will be noticeably less than it is today.”

“Good to know.”

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