The Great Lie: Ethically and Religiously Neutral Academia

From the days of classical Greek philosophers until the present, there have been promoters of the idea of the separation of ethics from philosophy, and science. The promoters of this viewpoint want to escape the burden of conforming to any ethical system, especially the ethical system that is the source of their funding. Philosophers and scientists want the funding, but they do not wish to conform to the ethical standards of the people who are providing the funding. They want autonomy, but they also want the funding. This has been basic to covenant- breaking man’s thinking from Adam until the present. Men proclaim their autonomy, but they also demand authority: subservience of others. Men claim autonomy from God, but they demand power as if they were God. This is the Adamic outlook.

Beginning with the creation of tax-funded universities in the late eighteenth century in what is now Germany, salaried philosophers, scientists and especially social scientists have insisted on the doctrine of neutrality. They have insisted they are ethically neutral in their work as academics. They have insisted that they conduct their investigations neutrally. This is the dominant myth of academia today. Academics have used this myth to justify their funding by money collected from taxpayers who do not share their anti-God, anti-ethical presuppositions. They want the funding, but they do not want to be forced to conform to the prevailing ethical standards of the day. So, they have invoked the myth of neutrality.

In the case of economics, a few economists have been quite forthright about this separation between their supposedly detached investigations and any system of ethics. Ludwig von Mises was probably the most forthright of all economists in his insistence of such a separation. […]

Gary North, Christian Economics: Scholar’s Edition

It’s long past time that Christians stopped trusting in the integrity and honesty of the self-serving, publicly God-hating academic guild… just as they should revoke their trust in the self-serving, secretly God-despising Protestant and Catholic religious elites.

It’s time to focus on two things:

The priesthood of ALL believers:

As God will speak to ALL who put their life, thoughts, and actions at the feet and service of King Jesus, any faithful, Bible-reading Christian has the basic ability to speak God’s word, so long as he pays careful attention to the direction of the Holy Spirit.

and The right of private judgement:

We can make our own decisions, on what God’s will is for our lives. “It is the right which every man has of seeing with his own eyes, hearing with his own ears, and of exercising his own reason.” And, guided by the Bible and the Holy Spirit, we can even speak on what is best for his community… and what the community should avoid.

This includes grounding Christian society and Christian nations on Christian Law, the Laws of God as described by Moses, and modified by Jesus Christ.

As opposed to the Laws of Man, which (always and everywhere) becomes the Laws of the Right Sort of Man, either determined by wealth, or as determined by political power.

(Political power easily leads to wealth, by the way. Interesting how men with money and power always want to reshape the laws to better secure their control and their pleasure.)

If you want justice, you turn to God… and not to the elite, be they academic, clerical, democratic, aristocratic, cultural, racial, or The Leader some political Party.

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