On the Free Market and Christian Liberty

No Equality of Outcome

First, a warning:

The case for the free market is basically the case for freedom. One benefit of the free market is long-term economic growth. But we should be careful about attempting to defend the free market on the basis that it creates greater levels of economic equality. There is no evidence that I am aware of that it does any such thing.

Gary North: Income: Are You a Winner?

God has so arranged liberty that different free men will have different outcomes in their lives, based on their skills, personality, self-discipline, and even their family history and inherited wealth.

None of these things can stop the wrath of God falling on those who despise Him. None of these things will stop the blessings of God falling on those who love Him.

But as Jesus’ parables of the talents spell out, liberty and freedom will not lead to equality of outcomes. Only equality under the Law is protected by the God of the Bible.

Stealing the Inheritance

The envy-driven dislikes entrepreneurial (first-time entrepreneurs make up about 80% of the wealthy in the U.S.), but they especially hate inherited wealth, wealth passed on to the children of the wealthy.

This wealthy not only includes money, but connections and (in the best families) training, education, modelling, mentorship, and ethics.

God commands us to leave an inheritance to our grandchildren. Assorted envy-driven people want this stolen from those who worked for it, and given to political elites — occasionally, military or tribal elites — instead.

(What? You though that there would be a culture without ruling elites? Don’t be delusional.)

God not only commands us to leave an inheritance for the future… He also prohibits theft.

Liberty is Hated… especially Economic Liberty

So long as Christians live in an economically free society, it is possible for them to use their elbow grease and buy back (i.e: redeem) the culture from those who stole it.

This fact is detested by assorted opinion-shapers, as described in the article How the World Views Libertarianism

(Note: The term “World” is here defined as “The Right Sort.” A definition that would surely please Our Masters, but doesn’t reflect the actual world, which largely has no idea what the term ‘libertarian’ means.)

When it comes to use of the term libertarian out “in the wild” among mainstream, non-libertarian pundits, the use of the term is surprisingly consistent. It nearly always refers to an ideology that pushes for greater economic freedom in the form of less regulation of economic life, lower taxes, and freedom in trade.

Most writers on political and public policy matters, however, are not friendly to this sort of ideology so the term “libertarian” is also often expressed with an air of disapproval.

Ryan McMaken, How the World Views Libertarianism

“Nothing outside the State! Nothing outside the State! All under the State!”

Yes, we have been living under a soft-core flavour of fascism for a long time now. While superficially milder than the hard-core stuff, it is still a thieving, murderous, oppressive ideology… and so, as an enemy of God, is doomed to failure and a mighty fall from power.

The title “libertarian” can also be used to encompass those who take an excessive view of the freedom to own firearms. For example, Georgetown historian Robert Curran writes “Our scandalous gun policy is the inevitable consequence of libertarian ideology.” Libertarian laissez-faire, we’re told, doesn’t just encourage oppression of hapless workers. It encourages murderers as well.

Other writers have claimed to be appalled by the callousness of libertarian ideology. For instance, consider David Masciotra’s confession about once being libertarian, but eventually coming to his senses. Masciotra describes libertarians as “individuals myopically pursuing their own interests have no solution to ecological catastrophe, thousands dying for lack of health insurance, lethal disparities in the public education system, and the unending terror and devastation of racism.”

The context makes it clear that these are problems government regulation and control could solve, but libertarians dogmatically insist on their idiosyncratic views of how government regulation and funding in areas such as health care and education are a bad thing.


For example, after Koch’s death, many of his defenders pointed to Koch’s left-leaning views on issues like prison reform, opposition to the drug war, and support for gay marriage.  It was thought these might score him some points with his detractors.

But few of Koch’s critics cared about his left-leaning social views. After all, from the critics’ point of view, those views hardly made Koch special. Any decent person, the thinking goes, supports gay marriage and prison reform anyway. Having views such as these are hardly enough to cancel out the cardinal sin of the libertarians, which is enthusiastic support for free markets.

Ryan McMaken, How the World Views Libertarianism

The Right Sort will never be pleased with anything less than total obedience, on all points, right now.

(And if they change their mind 180 degrees tomorrow, you had better shut up and change your mind 180 degrees too! So it is, under the Rule of Men rather than the Rule of God.

Me? I have no time for lawless societies and their arbitrary ‘legal codes’. It’s bad for justice, bad for prosperity, bad for liberty, and therefore bad for the Kingdom of God.)

Interesting, the right wing of the Enlightenment — including many Christian supporters, ever-willing to baptize the status quo — have their own problems with freedom:

At the same time, libertarians also get blamed from the right wing for any views rightists may deem insufficiently conservative. Although there is actually no consensus among libertarians on matters such as the morality of drug use or pornography, for instance, many religious conservatives blame libertarians for everything from low fertility rates to opioid addiction.

Yet, even among rightists, the economic views of libertarians dominate the debate. The socially conservative First Things magazine, for example, has run numerous anti-libertarian essays in recent years with titles like “Libertarian Delusions” and “Beyond Libertarianism.”

In these cases, to be sure, the authors devote a small portion of their articles to deriding libertarianism for being too non-prescriptive in terms of family life and personal morality. But even here, the heart of the objection lies in the fact libertarians allow for too much market freedom.

Too much freedom… too much change… too much progress…and too little profits for the major corporations that shape the laws, and too much hostility to the bureaucrats and politicians who love the feel of power.

I remain suspicious of Our Masters and their Deep Concern for The People: be they of the left or the right, wearing black or wearing red.

When Will Liberty Return?

People ask me: “When will we get our liberties back?” I always answer: “When checks from Washington D.C. no longer buy anything.”

An overnight collapse of the monetary system would be catastrophic. In contrast, the erosion of the dollar to zero over a decade or more would be liberating.

The government is going broke. All over the West, all national governments are going broke. This is the fundamental political fact of our age. This is the elephant in the living room.

Gary North, Non-Negotiable Political Demands

Christians should be working hard, leveraging the free markets to build and deliver value to grateful and paying customers, and using part of that profit to build up the Kingdom of God.

God, being more kinder and merciful than the Secularist State, is perfectly satisfied with 10% (after taxes).

More is welcome, but not necessary or required: He has no problem with you spending even 90% of your after-tax earning on yourself, your family, and your interests.

Life is a gift, and hard work should be rewarded.

As for the collectivists, black and red, the fall and shattering of their idol, the State — officially ruling in the name of their Most High God, The People (but actually and always ruling for the sake of Certain People!) — is coming.

And the day of Liberty, when the actual Kingdom of God flourishes, is coming too.

Get ready!

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