Give Respect to Children, to Get Respect

Some reasons why I like the Ron Paul Curriculum (see link above) is that it trains children to work on their own, to do research with source materials, and avoids textbooks.

It also helps train children to be entrepreneurs.

That is, it teaches children to be responsible and independent adults. (Assuming that the parents can do their part.)

I distrust the State and it’s ever-eager desire to replace parental authority with its own, so I won’t support a ban on spanking.

(And – in a culture that encourages abortions to just-before-birth, AND encourages the breakup of families by making ‘no-fault divorce’ as easy as possible, AND pushes for the destruction of little children’s sex organs because a 8-year-old says that he really wants to be a girl — don’t spout garbage about Our Master’s Deep Concern for The Children.)

That being said, parents should be aware that the goal is to have the children become self-governing children and then self-governing adults, not fearful or resentful adults living in dread of some lawless, unpredictable and unjust authority, backed up by raw power.

“A system suitable for a 5-year-old will not work when the child is 15.”

If the parents hasn’t earned a position of lawful, restricted, legitimate authority, worthy of respect, in his own household, he needs to either shape up or arrange a better guardian for the child.

Give respect, to get respect.

The religious shall inherit the earth. Therefore, their children should be taught to ignore/undermine/circumvent the arbitrary, power-based authority of the State, and uphold the just, compassionate, lawful, and predictable authority of God.

This starts with the parents understanding how God acts – as noted in His Laws, His actions, and His life on Earth in the flesh (a.k.a. Jesus Christ) — and doing likewise.

It’s hard to do better than grounding a love of reading, law, storytelling, history, and truth on a love of the Bible.

Public schools will never go this route.

But you can.

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