The Restoration of Man, The Fall of the Nihilists

Uncommon Descent, pointed me to a revised version of the book, The Restoration of Man: C.S. Lewis and the Continuing Case Against Scientism.

From Evolution News:

So, the scientific community has been compelled to acknowledge that the universe must have sprung into existence ab nihilo. It has subsequently emerged that the physical laws of the universe — e.g., gravity, electromagnetism, the strong and weak nuclear forces, the speed of light — are so finely tuned that the slightest alteration in their values would have rendered impossible the subsequent emergence of life on earth. It is very difficult to convey just how precise the values of those forces had to be, but physicist John Polkinghorne estimates their fine-tuning had to be accurate to within one part in a trillion trillion (and several trillion more), a figure greater by far than all the particles in the universe.4

Between Sapientia and Scientia — Michael Aeschliman’s Profound Interpretation by James Le Fanu


The first, obvious on reflection, is that “life” is immeasurably more complex than matter: Its fundamental unit, the cell, though billions of times smaller than the smallest piece of machinery constructed by man, has nonetheless, as noted, the capacity to create every organism that has ever lived. A fly is billions upon billions upon billions of times more complex than a pebble of comparable size and possesses properties that have no parallel in the inanimate world: the capacity to transform the nutrients on which it feeds into its own tissues, and to repair and reproduce itself. So, too, the laws of biology must be incommensurately more complex than the laws of physics and chemistry.

Between Sapientia and Scientia — Michael Aeschliman’s Profound Interpretation by James Le Fanu

Uncommon Descent, in its quote of the article, adds:

But isn’t science on a downward trajectory now anyway? Never mind the multiverse nonsense. What about the war on science and the war on math?

To fight God is to fight the Maker and Sustainer of Reality.

This is a really bad decision.

Establishment Science, just like the Establishment Clergy, are boiling down to just mushy worthlessness in its desperate need to curry favour fro the Powers That Be, and for the same reasons:

“There is no Unchanging Moral Law, and no Divine Judgement to Fear! You are free to rewrite reality as you please! The serpent was right: God said nothing, so Be Your Own God!

With the Big Brains — well, the big brains of atheistic materialists, and the little brains of the obedient and submissive religious echo chamber — all saying the same thing, the Right Sort are free to live in their dying fantasies, and free to punish all who pose an effective challenge to their lies…

…for now.

There will come a time when the Right Sort and their intellectual & spiritual whores will all be dumped on the trash heap of history, fit only for burning.

Out duty, as Christians, is to bring that time forward, to hasten the day when God’s enemies lose — in time and on earth — and God’s friends win, in time and on earth.

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