Presupposing Lies, in the Name of Power and Pleasure

The Power of Assumptions

The surest way to guarantee you will lose a debate is to allow your opponent to define the terms, parameters, and worldview that will lie beneath your conversation. If we let them do this, our opponents will have won the argument before it even starts. While they pretend to be neutral, they are not. While they tell us to be open-minded, they are not.

This secular concept is assumed, never argued for. It is taken for granted, never demonstrated. This anti-biblical and secular concept is sexual orientation. Until this is understood by both sides of the debate, we will continue to talk past one another.

Oscar Martinez from The Office. Ross’s ex-wife from Friends. The show Will and Grace. The movie Brokeback Mountain. This list could be multiplied for pages and pages. Every form of media in our culture for the past many decades has assumed the validity of the concept of sexual orientation as a fixed category of personhood. The news assumes it. Entertainment assumes it. Movies assume it. Documentaries assume it. Everyone assumes it. Therein is the problem. It is assumed, never substantiated. It is taken for granted, never argued for. The media blitz has been relentless. Even ministers of the gospel have uncritically adopted the concept of sexual orientation as defined by secularists.

From THE MYTH OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION, by Patrick Hines (The Aquila Report). Reposteed to Postmillennial Worldview

Why bother with argumentation and logic and reason, when you can just assume that you are right… and have the various propaganda instruments proclaim your point of view, exclusively?

And in time, ban all expression of alternative points of view.

And so we get the made-up concept of sexual orientation…which inevitably leads to the made-up concept of the transsexual, and then the made-up crime of misgendering: calling someone a man, who is actually a man, but says that he is a woman.

And so we see the Power of the Word of Man, no backed up by Jesus Christ…

(who, being the Word of God,
is the fundamental enemy of all secularists
who seek to silence God)

… but by men with guns and badges. “Men of Power.”

Not ethics, not logic, not righteousness or truth or holiness.

Just power and control and pleasure.

Also note carefully the role of Certified Government Professionals — the modern state priesthood — in shaping and framing the debate.

Just as much as the mainstream media outlets, and as much as the official religious professionals (always submissive to the State), the Professional Class has its role in pushing up certain viewpoints, and pushing down other ones.

So we get some blather from the State Priesthood about “Sexual Orientation”, a concept invented in 1975:

What is sexual orientation? Sexual Orientation is a concept that was invented by the American Psychological Association in 1975. It means: “An enduring pattern of emotional, romantic and/or sexual attractions to men, women or both sexes. Sexual orientation also refers to a person’s sense of identity based on those attractions, related behaviors and membership in a community of others who share those attractions.” [1]

And this is supposed to be superior to the teachings of God. I will bold the key idea in the quote below:

God’s Word knows nothing of the secular concept of sexual orientation. Dr. Sproul saw this clearly many decades ago. This is why he was so emphatic in stating “The problem is that so many have bought the myth that they are intrinsically homosexuals … and they have no hope of changing. They’ve been listening to a society that tells them they are sick and there is no cure for their disease. … What we must do in order to help them is begin with this fundamental thesis: Biologically, essentially, and intrinsically, there is no such thing as a homosexual. Let me say that again. Biologically, essentially, and intrinsically, there is no such thing as a homosexual.” If we have a heart to help individuals for whom unwanted homosexual desires are an ongoing problem, we must take them to Scripture and protect them from such destructive anti-biblical concepts as sexual orientation.

There are no homosexuals: there are only sinful men and women.

Same as always.

There is no misgendering: there are only people who speak the truth, rather than lie.

And often enough in totalitarian, self-consciously anti-Christian states, speaking the truth can and does bring punishment from the hand of The Leader and his various supporters: many of them working under the colour of law.

So, you can fear men, or you can fear God.

We all know who secularists fear… and, therefore, worship.

But who you fear, Christian?

And who do you worship?

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