Science as Power Tool

A direct copy/paste from the sci-fi blog. Just read “Imperial Nobility” as your local ruling class, and “Imperial” as the local political framework.

The demonstration and application, in the Imperial context.

From Gender studies prof admits fraud in writings about sex and gender

He is a gender historian in Canada, the author The Manly Modern: Masculinity in the Postwar Years. For the last 20 years he attempted to prove there was no such thing as sex, that sexual identity was only a social construction based on power, leading to oppression and inequality.

Now he admits he got it all wrong and much of his academic writings were “made up.”

“If I had known, 20 years ago, that my side in the ideological wars over gender and sex was going to win so decisively, I would have been ecstatic,” writes Christopher Dummitt on the website Quillette.

[The studious Imperial Scion, his eye focused on the family throne, scribbles notes on the usefulness of buying the Voices of Priestly Scientific Authority.

“Establishing well-funded academic positions have its place, but it is indispensable to shape the spirit of the intellectual environment. BOTH tools are needed to insure the security and the power of the Household, as well as it’s Corporate and Military wings.

Note especially that the truthfulness of the position is irrelevant, in the scientific context. Only the popularity of the position is important. Nobles need not worry too much about the data: only who interprets the results, and what the goal of that interpretation is.

As always, the Noble focus must be on the people in the position: the priest, the scientist, the officer, the official. All other considerations — “victory”, “truth”, “justice” — are beside the point!”]

He describes how gender studies took over history departments across North America in the 1990s. “Each of these fields shared the same worldview as I did—that just about every identity was a social construction. And, that identity was all about power,” he notes.

[“Intellectuals talk about power. Nobles use it.

One way to use power is to purchase intellectuals, religious or secular, that make certain that the masses don’t start getting unruly and disobedient. Traditional Imperial policy is to insure stasis, to keep things the same… and the Right Sort at the top.

However, when the Imperial Noble need to break the spirit of an independent people, it can be useful to promote chaos and change: the more destructive, the better. Invariably, the masses then turn to a Great Leader for protection, which is when His Grace can steps in.

Or, perhaps, the old culture is totally destroyed, which means that a new culture needs to be born… and its rules enforced. Again, His Grace can now rest on the throne He has made.”]

“To reiterate: The problem was, and is, that I was making it all up. These were educated guesses I was offering. They were hypotheses. Maybe I was right. But neither I, nor anyone else, ever thought to scrutinize what I wrote.”

Was gender really about power? To prove his points in his writings he cited other scholars who said it was. “It helped if their names were French and they were philosophers. The work of an Australian sociologist, R. W. Connell, helped, too. He’d argued that masculinity was primarily about power… In reality, his work didn’t prove this; it just plausibly extrapolated from small case studies, just like I had done. So I cited Connell. And others cited me. And that’s how you “prove” that gender is a social construct and all about power.”

The fraudulent scholarship developed in the academic environment and promoted by Hollywood is now finding its way into the legal, political framework. “My flawed reasoning, and other scholarship using the same defective thinking, now is being taken up by activists and governments to legislate a new moral code of conduct.

[“One hand washes the other.”]

“Until we have seriously critical and ideologically divergent scholarship on sex and gender—until peer review can be something more than a form of ideological in-group screening—then we ought to be very skeptical indeed about much of what counts as “expertise” on the social construction of sex and gender.”

[“Fortunately, legislation is well on its way to insure that such disgraceful and uncontrolled research is illegal, to be punished to the full extent of the law.

Thus, the return of stasis, stability, and unquestioned Imperial Rule. But, this time, without any whining about some Higher Law, limiting the power and authority of the Throne.”]

So, what do you know?

It really was all about power, after all!

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