Our Bodies and Ourselves

I checked out Becky’s post on We Are Not Our Bodies, Our Bodies Are Ours. An interesting view of our bodies, ourselves, and the greater society.

Women have a difficult relationship with their bodies: I think that this has always been so — “unclean menstruating woman!” — and the over-sexualised culture of today doesn’t help matters.

Men have a somewhat different problem, tending to see their bodies as just a tool or a billboard, to get what they want from others. Women may be seduced into focusing on building the perfect external image, but men just abuse themselves into an early grave.

Not good, and not what God wants.

There is no shortage of parallels; the eye is the lamp of our body, the tongue is the rudder of the ship. 1 Corinthians says that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit- just let that sink in for a moment. You are the image of God. Your body is where He lives and breathes, in the same way that he formed the waters of the world and hovered over them in the very beginning. It talks about how we are not our own, we were bought at a price; therefore, honor God with your body. Our bodies are not separate from us; they are not the culture where sin breeds and is spread; Jesus said that sin begins in our hearts, He said that it isn’t what goes into your body but what comes out of it that makes it unclean. these incredible, strong, capable vessels are GOOD. So why are we taught to hate them? 

Becky Robinson, We Are Not Our Bodies, Our Bodies Are Ours

Fortunately, Christ has come, so uncleanness does not come from menstruating, and there is no need for men to abuse themselves as some kind of penance.

Respect the Temple of the Holy Spirit, your body. It’s fine to enjoy it in moderation — with good drink and (non-cancerous) smokes. It pleases God when you use your body in an excellent fashion — as determined by you and the Holy Spirit, not society at large — but respect and care for it well!

It’s a long walk, and there’s a lot of trash to burn off, but there will come a time when the People of God will be at ease in their temples.

Women, as well as men.

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