Death as a Sign of Divine Glory, Honor, Justice

The redeemed need not fear death because they do not see it as an end. Freed from the burden of sin and guilt, they can see the future victory that the Resurrection of the dead promises. To the redeemed man, sin, not death, is his problem, and he believes it was solved in the atonement of Jesus Christ. Death then, will be but “[t]he last enemy that shall be destroyed” (1 Cor. 15:26). Death is thus the prelude to the ultimate victory of Jesus Christ.

The sinner who refuses to see sin as his problem knows only the inevitability of death and the ceaseless loss of his remaining time. In fleeing from the resolution of death, he flees headlong into death. The lifestyles of those who most vigorously reject God witness to this suicidal flight into death.

The fear of death is self-destructive because it is a fear of the inevitable. For the unregenerate, the certainty of death means life itself is uncertain. To accept death is to accept our responsibility for sin, the justice of God, and our accountability to Him. For the Christian, death means God is on the throne of heaven. The certainty of His judgments also points to the certainty of His mercy.

Accepting Death By Mark R. Rushdoony

Death means that God keeps His word.

Whether the Ruling Class likes it or not.

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