Slavery, Progressive Racism, and Blame-Shifting

Slavery as the Origin of All Things

Double-entry bookkeeping and modern accounting methods? Forget their origins in late Medieval Italy; they were developed on the slave plantation to further the institution of slavery. Modern human resources management did not come about in the late 1800s as a way improve workplace productivity and improve worker welfare. No, human resources was born on the southern slavery plantation and without the institution of slavery, it never would have existed.

Although a number of economists and historians such as Phil Magness, Robert Murphy, and others have effectively contradicted the NYT accounts, American progressives simply are accepting the slavery-as-fundamental-to-American-capitalism as true on its face. Sojourners, for example, declared that the only reason one could disagree with the NYT narratives was racism on behalf of those taking issue with these accounts. Thus, even people who agree that slavery was immoral but question the NYT narrative do so because they are racists who “fear black power.”

Eugenics and the Racist Underbelly of the American Left, by William L. Anderson

It is unfortunate, when racially-driven black academics follow the same intensely self-centered route as racially-driven white academics, cheerfully rewriting history to place themselves (or their ancestor-proxies) at The Centre of All Things.

Cutting back on the narcissism would help academia a lot!

While I have written my own disagreements with the NYT narrative, I propose this time of pursuing something similar to what the NYT is claiming, but changing the time and circumstances. I ask the following question: What if racism really is at the roots of the creation of modern America, and what if the NYT has played a major role in promoting structural racism? That is what I intend to show. Furthermore, I hold that the year 1896 is the founding of the America that exists today, and that includes the legacies of Jim Crow and the modern dystopian urban culture of murder and violence.

Eugenics and the Racist Underbelly of the American Left, by William L. Anderson

A different viewpoint, that keeps an eye on the Darwininan Progressives. Except this time, the New York Times gets to be in the centre of the Power & Control structure.

Just where it should be, in any accurate narrative of racist power in the United States. Above-the-Law Progressives will be Progressives, after all.

Enactment and enforcement of Jim Crow policies were mostly the product of the Democratic Party post-Grover Cleveland, who left the White House in 1897. Cleveland was a racial moderate and one who believed strongly in individual rights, free markets, and individual responsibility , along with “hard” money. He would be the last Democrat president who believed that way, and the Democrats’ rejection of the Founders’ ideals began even before Cleveland left office, as the party in 1896 fully embraced progressivism, nominating free silver advocate William Jennings Bryan , who had electrified party delegates with his “Cross of Gold” speech at the party’s convention that year .

Bryan’s campaign would be the most radical in U.S. History up to that point. His campaign promoted progressive “reforms,” business regulation, and a silver-based monetary inflation. Had he lived long enough, he most likely would have supported Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal just as he supported pretty much every progressive legislative measure in the early 20 th Century. Likewise, the political heirs of Tillman and other southern Democrats that made race the central focus of their legislative policies became the staunchest supporters of the New Deal.

Although Bryan lost the 1896 election to William McKinley, his campaign platform would become America’s future, and it is safe to say that modern America is much more the product of the Democrats’ 1896 progressivism than the southern plantation system that the Civil War destroyed more than three decades before.

Eugenics and the Racist Underbelly of the American Left, by William L. Anderson

Truth: until the Great Default kicks in, Modern America is basically FDR’s America, with 1) black suppression weakened and shaped into a prison system rather than Jim Crow laws 2) the assorted sexual revolutions of the 1920s going on to their ultimate conclusion: family breakup for the lower classes, and sterility for all 3) ever more explicit suppression of Christian mores and ethics, as been the trend since 1783.

A century ago, progressives wanting to push people they deemed “inferior,” such as blacks and Eastern Europeans, to the economic margins enacted policies aimed at accomplishing their dubious goals. Their racial rhetoric is long gone, but the policies remain, and they still enact harm upon the people that progressives now claim are supposed to benefit from them. From the minimum wage to occupational licensing to policies aimed at burying the “gig” economy, progressive policies still increase economic vulnerability of American minorities. Progressives sought to replace black employment with a permanent welfare state for those pushed to the margins.

Eugenics and the Racist Underbelly of the American Left, by William L. Anderson

This has been achieved, and will remain until the government is effectively bankrupted. However, the hostility to Christian sexual mores among the Progressives has also guaranteed the fading of European-descended peoples, in the U.S. and worldwide.

Odd, how that works out.

Thanks to the relentless campaign by progressives embedded in the American news media and at all levels of education, Americans – and especially black Americans – have come to believe that free-market capitalism is the source of nearly all evil in this country. Thanks to the New York Times, Americans are told that slavery was fundamental to the rise of capitalism in this country, and that relief came to black Americans only through the implementation of progressive policies enacted after 1896.

It is tragic when people come to believe that the very policies making them worse off are the policies that will lead them to a better life. It is doubly tragic when people are propagandized to reject those things that will improve their lives.

The events of 1619 are tragic in that they helped lead to the establishment of black chattel slavery in the United States. However, the year 1896 is even more tragic because the actions people with government authority took in that year resulted in near-permanent institutionalized racism with establishment of economic and social policies that hold back minority achievement that continue to this very day.

Eugenics and the Racist Underbelly of the American Left, by William L. Anderson

The soft-slave state will end, just as the soft fascist state will perish.

Not because of a mass return to Christian liberty and freedom: this will be the end point, but not the start point.

It will end for the same reason the Soviet Union died: economic delusions lead to national and social bankruptcy.

It will be up to believing Christians, hewing to the Law-Word of Christ, to reconstruct society after the thieves, murderers, and perverts are done with it.

They would be wise to keep an axe near at hand, as the snakes once again try to slip into the gardens they rebuild.

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