Who Cares?

Gary North spells out in an excellent article, The #1 Rule of Political Activism, that the public just doesn’t care about any level of cultural evil or oppression, per se.

They simply don’t care that, under the Patriot Act, they can be legally disappeared if the CIA/NSA finds you a threat. Their lawyers won’t and can’t find out what happened, nor can their families.

And many millions just don’t care that children are murdered in the womb, due to the ‘woman’s right to privacy’. A right that does not exist when the government gets involved, by the way: just when it’s time to kill the innocent.

Even as Christians — or, more correctly, a handful of Christian activists — work against the enemy, they should understand that public support won’t happen. What can happen is the support of a small group of powerful people.

Note that most of the wealthy and cognitive elite range from mildly secularist to committed anti-Christians. And that the Church elite has been teaching for ages that Christians should just kneel to the authorities, and not rock the boat… and most Christians have no interest in making their nation a disciple of Christ.

(As Christ commanded, by the way.)

There is a counterpoint: evil eventually gets a bill. Sometimes, it must be paid in blood, as the Nazis discovered. But often, it is a literal bill, paid in cash, as the Soviets discovered.

My assumption is that we are paying in installments when it comes to blood (see abortion) and will be paying in cash soon enough, when the Welfare State is bankrupted.

When there is no money, the masses will look for a solution.

Aside: Note that the public won’t see the ghost of the aborted futures around them: just a lack of taxpayers to keep the economy running.

Why Care

Who cares? People who take responsibility for their family, and their church, and their neighbourhood and locale: and therefore gain authority and power.

Christians need to plan for their children as walking inheritances, as well as their financial legacies.

Forget the State and the Nation: no need to waste much time on a futile quest to save them. Think local.

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