The Free Stuff Brigade

There is the story of a hunter who year after year kept bringing to market huge quantities of wild boar. Nobody could figure out how he did it. He never told his secret. Finally, on his death-bed, some of his friends asked him how he had done it.

“Well, it took a lot of planning. First, I set out troughs of food. The older hogs refuse to get near it at first, but the younger ones do come sniffing around, and they eventually start eating. I let them do this for about a month. Even the older boars start joining the younger ones at the trough. Then I build a fence behind the trough. This scares them at first, but they find it easier to eat here than forage for themselves, so they come back. Then I build a second fence at a 90-degree angle to the back fence. That takes them a while to get used to, but they eventually do. Then comes the third side, and then the back side. There’s a large gate in that final strip of fencing, and it’s always wide open. It’s on hinges. The hogs keep coming. After all, it’s free food for one and all. When enough of them come in for their free food, I just shut the gate. The rest is easy.”

This is precisely the strategy used by God-hating humanists against Christians. The free food is called “free education.” But the humanists are even smarter than that hunter. They make the adult Christian hogs pay for the fencing and the humanist slop in the trough. This system is called taxation. The short-sighted pigs pay for the slaughter of their own offspring. Pigs love their free slop, even when it isn’t free. Warn them that the slop in the trough is a trap for their piglets, and you will hear a lot of outraged squealing. You will make a lot of enemies.

Robert Thoburn will make a lot of enemies with this book.

Gary North’s Introduction to The Children Trap, by Robert Thoburn

The book that Thoburn wrote was directed to the Christian parents who are eager to send their children to “free public schooling.”

But the Free Stuff Brigade doesn’t only include terminally short-sighted, free-loading Christian parents.

A warning to the wise is sufficient…

…while the Socialists take notes and look for ways to refine this strategy.

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