Blast from the Past: or, Why New Atheism Turns into Unitarianism

Interesting, how (implicit) Unitarianism holds on as the unofficial belief system of the Right Sort in the US. (Not to North’s work on Unitarianism in Tools of Dominion)

Article flow: from

Bad news: New atheism is still over


New Atheism: An Autopsy


New Atheism: The Godlessness That Failed

The basic point is that you can’t build a progressive party in the US with just the upper-class white atheist core: you need those religious blacks and latinos too.

Ergo, New Atheism is dumped, as that road doesn’t lead to the One True God… Power.

Christians are not to kneel to power, they are to kneel to God. Power to change the world to the better comes from obedience to God, which is far more strongly manifested by raising your children well. To change the world, your children must be raised straight… and this specifically excludes sending your children to a pointedly Anti-Christian public school system.

The podcast Which Social Ills Should Christians Put Their Main Focus? does a decent job of outlining this.

Unlike Atheists, Christians can afford to put politics fourth. Building up God’s little ones come way before politics.

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