The Mysterious Stranger

A.k.a: one of the more accurate depictions of Satan in modern media, reflecting Twain as he works out his unbelief into a variant of nihilism.

There are certainly inaccuracies here: Satan ain’t creating life, and has no lawful authority over anything. All he has, he stole… or we (and/or our distant ancestor, Adam) gave to him.

That bit is more like what Satan wishes he was, or wants to be.

But the impersonalism, the unconcern, the lack of love or caring, the mask… that is very demonic, and very accurate to Satan’s character.

(And keep an eye on that mask:it fakes unconcern, but on occasion it truly reflects the deep malice and hatred that Satan feels towards God, to those who are in God’s image, and to the Creation itself.)

Slavery, Once Again

Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain’s lawless hero, was certainly lawless (and, thus, evil) but could take shelter as a kind of hero due to his hostility to slavery and his tolerance of a black friend.

And so, lesser evils gain shelter because of the greater evils treated with indifference (or frankly supported!) by Christians.

The lesson of the Unitarians strikes again!

I wonder how long it will take, for White American Conservatives to get the message.

“The beatings will continue until there is repentance.”

Or until the core enemy of God – the one in the church – dies.

<Points to Europe>

Either way, God is going to get His victory.

Best not get in His way.

(For a bit more, see Chapter 16 – Mark Twain’s chapter – in the book Apostate, by Kevin Swanson)


Satan can and does offer sweet gifts. Those gifts have strings attached to a very dark place, for sure. It’s also very possible that there is some kind of unpleasant surprise, hidden right in the gifts.

Satan has no love of men, for they reflect Someone he deeply hates.

But some men can be useful for a time. Before he disposes of them.

Choose a better master.


Quite a number of pagans — in history, and today — think that the way Satan behaves here, is how God behaves in real life. Since Christianity, they know for a fact that this is false… but an impersonal god is a god who does not care, and they desperately want to be under a deity that does not care about justice, or creation, or law.

That way, with God deposed/blinded/irrelevant, they get to take His place.

In reality, Satan would easily have men kill themselves — see the atheist-dominated 20th century for details — leaving only the demons and a barren, dead wasteland on this world…

…but God has other plans.

The Personal Universe

Pagan intellectuals dream of an impersonal universe, a meaningless cosmos, an escape from the piercing eyes of God and His sword.

They dream of being gods themselves… or of some other god to lead them. Even Satan, explicitly (quite rare, actually) or implicitly (so very, very common).

Christians are not to live in a fantasy world, where they can imagine themselves some sort of escape from reality, from the law, from consequences, from justice.

Salvation is from Jesus Christ alone.

Not from some ‘fake it till you make it’ angel of light.


Don’t kneel to what Mark Twain knelt to.

Don’t go where Mark Twain went.

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