When Dying in Place… with Addendum

Just a reconsideration of a Traveller groups’ options when a Total Party Kill is the most likely outcome: when dealing with an enemy that is going to kill you, before you kill it.

Wound the enemy: You can’t kill it yourself… but you can help others kill it later. Inflict a wound that is costly to heal. Or better, cannot be healed.

Or — and this is almost impossible to pull off in tactical combat, but is possible in strategic or meta-warfare — looks and feels like a benefit, but is really a blight.

(See: Britain and the Opium War as the most straightforward example. Fake information — including the hiding of real, pertinent information — is more practical in kinetic warfare.

On the macro/cultural level, there is always easy – and sterile – sex.

Back to the micro scale, there is the Traveller free trader that “gives up” a profitable secret to a crushing corporate competitor… without mentioning the steep and hidden price you need to pay to make that secret useful.)

Information: You can’t kill the enemy. You can’t even wound it. But the weakness you can’t see, others canif they can get useful information.

The question then becomes 1) how to record the useful data 2) what data is most useful, and should be most secure in recording and transmission 3) who to send the data to.

“So the PCs get a memory stick delivered to them on their ship. Hand delivered.”

“Delivered by hand, you say? Not emailed?”


“Better unzip and de-encrypt the memory stick in the engine room. While under thrust. In Jump space. We’re going to need all the random noise and air gaps we can get for this baby!”


Morally good days will come again, even better than before: but that will be a time and a people, a culture and technology, far different than I saw in my life.

Like when the Church died out in eastern England with the Saxon invasions of Britain around 410, and had to be re-established in the 600s with the Gregorian Missions.

Too much man-worship there, a belief that man can be righteous without God, or that God is not the creator and judge. A different Britain will get it right… but again, the people of that, better Britain will be of a different race than the people who made the British Empire.

Empires, money, guns, even technology and a fine culture, does not make a people great or guarantee a good future. Only fearing God and keeping His commandments do that!

Is there a man who can even see what will happen ten years from now? But God shapes all eternity, from the Creation onwards. It is good that Christ is on the throne… and that He will break all His foes under His iron rod.

Better to be blessed by Him, than be cured by Him. This is true for nations, as well as men.


There are giants to analyze and study (at least)…
…giants to wound (doable)
…and, perhaps, even a few giants to kill (waves to Lenin)

“Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.”

― G.K. Chesterton

The best fairy tales are simplified facets of the Bible. At it’s core, it’s the story of the Absent King. But it is also a story of a Brave Knight, a Lady that needed saving, and a particular Dragon that needed killing.

Establishment men hate the Bible (and even good fairy tales!), as they always stand with Power: on the side of the dragon, the beast, the giant. So naturally, they don’t like stories that end badly for them.

If The Right Sort don’t like stories where the giant falls, they really aren’t going to like the Real World, going forward!

Note that a Christian ready to take on a certain giant needs to count the cost. It takes time to sniff out the weakness of the really dangerous dragons and the most vicious giants.

And these monsters don’t go down without a fight: a price simply must be paid by the Good Knight, the true Servant of God.

So obviously, Christians must:

  • Sniff out those weaknesses.
  • Count the cost.
  • Exploit that weakness, good and hard.
  • Teach others to do so, as well.

*Smiles and Waves to Our Betters*

*Points and Laughs at the Pious Failures and the Cringing Man-fearers*

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