From Witchcraft to Holy Power

I recently wrote that high level theology was a masculine preserve… implying that it should be that way

Let’s watch Suzannah Rowntree prove me wrong!

Thus demonstrating by action – not by mere claims – that Christian women are definitely able theologians, if encouraged to do so.

We should encourage women to do so.

Women, Blacks, and anyone else able and willing to plow through the prep work should not only be permitted to do so, but encouraged to become excellent theologians.

If only because the solid majority of our Christian Professional Thinkers — typically white, male, and comfortably tenured — have proven to be so… very… WORTHLESS.

I mean, they could not even slow down the blatant lies of the transsexualists. Even the public confession of their deceit and contempt for the truth will not hinder their delusional agenda one bit.

Why are we paying these Intellectual Superiors, again?

“To fund my comfortable lifestyle, in return for nothing at all. Obviously!”

“Well, to also distract us from raising effective scholarship, halt any effective opposition to the Lying Enemy, and actually Gain the Victory!”

Certainly! I can’t disappoint my social peers and the cultural leaders I look up to, envy, and long to please! My dinner guests are far more important to me than some invisible God, fading doctrines, or whining parishioners!”

OK, let’s geta way from these Satanists….

“Satan owns the world! Satan rules today! God will rule in some far distant never-neverland, and will forgive everyone of everything, and certainly will not send anyone to hell or enforce any of His repulsive Laws!”

…and back to listening to a God-fearing Christian woman.

Agreement #1: Something Is Wrong With Rationalistic Materialism


It was this love of rationalism that killed the Calvinist denominations. They so loathed the mysterious, the occult, the Principalities and Powers, that they actually casted out the Holy Spirit.

“YOU may not speak! YOU may not act!”

“NO prophets! NO visions! NO new word of God!”

And of course, seven devils – no, seventy devils – came in to take the place of the Shekinah Glory.

You can go and visit the Netherlands , or even Scotland – the dead and rotting heartlands of Calvinism – to see for yourself, if you wish. (I don’t plan to!)

And in this rejection of the Holy Spirit, the Christians merely chose to imitate the atheistic intelligentsia. Both in their mechanical view of reality, and their self-glorifying chauvinism, imitating the pagan Romans and Muslims.

“NO driving for you! NO property rights for you! NO education for you! NO liberty for you!”

The Christian church was deeply affected, in a couple of different ways. Some Christian traditions succumbed to the cold bright idolatry of logic and rationalism, and some embraced the fervid emotionalistic traditions of the Romantics, but there was never really an attempt to re-integrate these two faculties – faith and reason – into one harmonious life in a world that was created both spiritual and physical. The Roman Catholics had it a little better than the Protestants because they clung to Thomas Aquinas’s pre-Enlightenment model which tried to hold faith and reason in greater harmony, but it was Aquinas who had inserted the thin edge of the wedge to begin with. So, in most of modern thought and life you still have this radical split between the spiritual and the material, and it’s bad for us because it’s not how we were created to be.

Suzannah Rowntree, Christian Witchcraft: And Other Ways Magic Religion Pervades the Church

Naturally, without God and His invisible, non-material spirits – like Love, Truth, Justice, Honesty, and fidelity to Reality – Science itself is dying.

For example, consider eugenics. The Catholic Church always opposed that dreadful scourge of people armed with strong opinions passing laws compelling some of their neighbors to be sterilized. When they did so, these eugenicists were acting explicitly as the priests of science. That was their idea of a vocation and Protestant churches largely supported it.

And what do we think about all that now?

Uncommon Descent, What difference did Protestantism make to modern science?

I will merely add that it was – and IS – the Catholics that led the fight against abortion. The solid majority of Christians – including vast majorities in the officially Calvinist nations of Europe – are completely comfortable with the ripping apart of unborn children.

God grind those deeply Calvinist nations under His heel.

Do unto them, what they have done to YOUR children, O Lord.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Now, back to the rejected gifts of the Holy Spirit, that God chose to broadly entrust to woman… and so, excite the hatred of the pagan patriarchs in Christian Pastoral Clothing.

4. Fostering of innate abilities that are not recognized in the Reformed church

The children of God may be gifted in ways not recognized or approved of by the rationalistic or superstitious church. Highly intuitive people with gifts related to energy, healing, highly tuned perception bordering on the predictive etc may be gifted by God in ways *not yet* explained by the scientific method yet fully compatible with the design of God’s universe. This can happen to men or women but unfortunately for both, these types of giftings, when recognized at all, are often dismissed and rejected as witchcraft by a church which has relegated anything meaningfully and recognizably supernatural to the pagans despite our rightful dominion in those areas. 

Suzannah Rowntree, quoting Elizabeth Summer, in Christian Witchcraft: And Other Ways Magic Religion Pervades the Church

We need the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit tends to give certain gifts to women, usually, and other gifts to men, usually.

We need both sets of gifts!

Not that we are sufficient in ourselves to claim anything as coming from us, but our sufficiency is from God, who has made us sufficient to be ministers of a new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit. For the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

II Corinthians 3:5-6, English Standard Version

The letter kills, the spirit gives life.

We need the letter, as it shows that God speaks certain words, and did not speak other words. We can’t just make up His word, or render it meaningless and void.

He gave real commands, commands that we can define and recognize, that we ought to obey.

But we cannot obey them, in our own power.

We need the Holy Spirit, to uphold Christ’s commandments.

We need godly, covenant-keeping, powerful men.

We need godly, covenant-keeping, powerful women.

8. Arrested development

The main reason we are vulnerable to all these appeals [to engage in witchcraft – AP] is that we have no countering faith of our own. Male intermediaries are placed between us and our God and we are considered rebellious and masculine if we seek to know him, or learn about him, on our own. We are not always forbidden from learning theology but, as one man who is the leader of an influential anti-abortion movement once told me, “It wouldn’t be wrong for my wife to study theology, but it would be weird if she did.” We are expected to accept the teaching of our husbands, fathers, and pastors, or else be labeled as rebellious and emotional. While it is not true that women are more easily deceived than men by nature, it does prove to be true that anyone kept artificially immature will be easily deceived by nurture. I have known many christian women who do not know how to bank or pay bills, are afraid to drive very far, and in general live with lives more restricted than most teenagers. Once we have the courage to break out on our own and defy these extra-biblical conventions, many of us have no intellectual training, theological or otherwise, or any intellectual discipline. Not by any inherent deficit but from deliberately enforced atrophy. If women are to make wise choices, think critically, and walk in disciplined faith, they must be given religious and intellectual training and discipline.

Suzannah Rowntree, quoting Elizabeth Summer, in Christian Witchcraft: And Other Ways Magic Religion Pervades the Church

It’s time for God’s Men to repent before Christ, and the Women we wronged.

To see clearly, you first must admit that your sight is bad, or even admit to blindness to the light.

Repent, then Restoration.

For Christian Women, yes. But also for Christian Men.

Tim to stop losing, and to start winning.

With holy families, holy churches, holy lives, building a holy society.

That is the Christian goal. To expand Christ’s Kingdom, till it coves the world.

And we need both set of hands to get the job done: the strong hands of men for the heavy lifting, and the fine hands of women for detail work.

Nothing less will cut it.

Suzanne Rowntree does not end here: she gets into some deep spiritual and scientific waters, even into astrology. She is rooted in the core point, though:

Ethics, not Ritual, is the foundation of Spiritual Power.

This is true, not only in regard to feminine concerns on natural energies (which is worth investigating, by the way), but to masculine concerns like politics.

Merely because a democratic majority — or five out of nine judges — agree that abortion is fine (or homosexuality, or racism, or socialism, or racial privileges, or the holocaust, or aggressive wars ‘so long as we win’, or slavery) does not make it good, or just, or right.

Ethics, truth, justice, compassion, not political rituals, make the cut.

Ethics, truth, justice, compassion, not religious rituals, make the cut.

Ethics, truth, justice, compassion, not singing machine guns or media control or the scientific consensus, make the cut.

Here’s an example. Imagine you sit down to breakfast with three-year-old twins. Suddenly, both of them decide that they need a drink of milk. They were fine up till a minute ago but now they’re in the last stages of death by dehydration, so you tell them that they need to sit down and ask nicely and you’ll get them a drink of milk when you’re ready, buuut they don’t believe you. Twin number one throws herself bodily onto the table, grabs the milk and pours three litres into a quarter-litre cup. That’s power religion – ignoring ethics in order to use force to get what you want. Twin number two reacts differently. She sits down in her chair like you told her, and bellows at the top of her lungs, “PLEASE MAY I HAVE A DRINK MAMA”, again like you told her. But when you don’t respond instantly, she has a meltdown because she said the magic word, she performed the ritual, and milk didn’t appear in her cup. That’s magic religion: performing certain actions in the assumption that this will entitle you to a certain response.

Power religion says, “I’m not going to obey God’s law because if I do that I’ll miss out.” Magic religion says, “I’m going to obey God’s law because that will entitle me to X or Y blessing.” Covenantal religion says, “I will obey God’s law and have faith in Him for the consequences.”

Magic religion looks on the outside, not at the heart. So long as you went through the motions and said the magic words, then it doesn’t matter if your heart is rebellious. As a result, magic religion often relies on dressing a certain way, eating a certain way, timing your actions a certain way, repeating or avoiding a certain formula of words, avoiding certain inanimate objects etc, as a substitute for true covenant obedience. As Gary North observes in Unholy Spirits, “The spirit of the law has no place in demonic rituals. It is the form that counts, above all.”

Many people turn to Christian witchcraft as a relief from the dry formalism of life in the modern church. However, magic religion ultimately results in an equally dry formalism closely akin to what these folks are running from in the first place. In his book Miraculous Movements, which investigates how the Gospel is spreading developing Islamic nations, Jerry Trousdale explains:

The notion is very foreign to a Muslim that a person can approach God and ask for things, as a child might ask of his father. Muslims note that marabouts (Muslim priests found in many parts of Africa) will give sick or demonised people bottles of things to drink, or string to tie around their bodies, to protect them from evil and give them health; but Christians presume to pray directly to a God that they seem to know personally and ask him to heal or deliver people, and it happens. That sort of involvement of the Supreme God in the needs of people by the prayers of simple Christians is the single most powerful reason that Muslims turn from Islam to the loving God of the Bible.

Suzannah Rowntree, Christian Witchcraft: And Other Ways Magic Religion Pervades the Church

And so, Rowntree blows my concerns about female theologians out of the water.

I’ll take Suzanne Rowntree over

  • the entirety of Harvard Divinity School,
  • Princeton Theological Seminary,
  • whatever moral failures are coming out of the Church of England seminaries,
  • anything from those oh-those-manly Catholic seminaries *snort*,
  • the Let’s Surrender to Satan Now jokes from the Master’s Seminary (an exception for Joel McDurmon – who has NO interest in surrendering – granted)
  • whatever is coming from the ideologically broken and culturally submissive Westminster Theological Seminary (certain extremely famous members excepted *waves to Van Til, way up there*)

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