Fun With New Atheism; Politics Fourth

Fun With New Atheism

In New Atheism: A Shipwreck of Fools, Michael Egnor puts the pressure on!

(I reformatted his paragraph, so you can savor each smash.)

— Quote starts —

Primary Finding

The primary autopsy finding here is that New Atheism was born dead. It was an intellectually vacuous vanity project from the start. Its vanguard was a coterie of dullards and narcissists who glanced away from their own mirrors only long enough to beg book deals. The arguments they made in their books were the stuff of comedy acts —

  • “everything came from nothing for no reason,”
  • “the universe came from quantum mechanics, which is nothing,”
  • “acknowledging an intelligent Creator is an impediment to science, but asserting meaningless existence is a boon to science,”
  • “we are meat machines, and you should pay attention to what we say,”
  • “there is no good or evil, and if you think there is, you’re evil,”
  • “there is no free will and you should change your mind and agree with me,”
  • “there is no guilt because there is no free will, therefore livestock management, rather than justice, is best for mankind,”
  • things change and survivors survive is a scientific theory,”
  • “survival of the fittest explains why I’m sad your kid has cancer,”
  • “without evolutionary theory, we wouldn’t understand that bacteria aren’t killed by an antibiotic that doesn’t kill them,”
  • “gene duplication adds new genetic information, and plagiarism is not permitted in my class,”
  • “kin selection explains altruism, except that bacteria in a clonal colony, which are identical twins, aren’t altruistic,”
  • “evolutionary biology is indispensable to medicine, so we should start teaching it in medical schools,”
  • “evolution is the cornerstone of physiology and medicine, and maybe someday an evolutionary biologist will win a Nobel Prize,”
  • “information is not detectible in nature, except in my book about it,”
  • “the selective breeding experiments I designed in my lab are excellent examples of mindless evolution,”
  • “the First Amendment prohibits questioning a scientific theory in schools,”
  • “let me show you how undirected natural selection works in a simulation on the computer program I wrote,”
  • “intelligent design isn’t science, and it’s scientifically wrong” (my favorite — these two assertions are commonly made in the same sentence),
  • “the mind is what the brain does, but I’m not a dualist,”
  • “my assertion that your mind can have no contact with truth is true.”

The list is bottomless. 

— Quote Ends —

Logic and reason has no purchase in the Academy anymore – only Compliance and the Consensus matter – so none of this has weight in the universities.

But the average intelligent layman still has to pay close attention to reality. So that is our target market.

Politics Fourth

Christians, holding fast to such religious delusions as objective reality, the non-contradiction principle, binary sexuality, etc., cannot expect to change the culture on a dime.

But change it we can… and change it we should.

After, it is ONLY due to our cowardice, failure, faithlessness, hatred of God’s law-word, and our escape-reality Rapture fever why things are so bad as they are.

We must take responsibility, to clean up the mess we created by our refusal to fight and make enemies of Satan’s representatives “in the name of peace.”

(Of course they will hate us, always and forever, regardless if we kneel to them or pretend that Everything is Fine.)

After the groundwork is laid down, in our neighbourhoods, businesses, families and churches. And most especially with the education of our own children: we will win no war if we keep on giving our weapons to the Enemy, who owns the public schools.

Local town & county governments can be reformed on the basis of liberty and justice, after the foundations have been laid and properly set. State and national governments are a lost cause for now, but if we get to work, godly state governments are possible in a few decades.

(Not a bad place to be: by that time, the federal government will be busted and unable to buy compliance.)

Naturally, it is needful to retake education and the sciences as well. But not via universities or academies, which are always and everywhere centralizing, conformist, whorish, statist, and implicitly anti-Christian… regardless of any and all claims to the contrary.

(As intended by the Greeks, the Italians, and the Prussians who developed the Academic/University system.)

With the Internet, something better can, and should, be created.

And let us dismiss the implicit Satanists who think that evil will forever win, so God’s people should just shut up, crawl on their bellies, and burn that incense to Caesar.

With the Secularists puppet-masters smiling and nodding silently in the background.

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