The Great Pagan Caste System

From Law Societies banning lawyers who oppose same-sex ‘marriage’ – and so, quite intentionally, destroying the careers of Christian lawyers…

… to imprisoning doctors and psychologists who refuse to go along with fantasies of “I am a woman because I say so” (and so disposing believers and their careers, regardless of their competence or success)…

…Our Betters are all about pointed hostility to the wrong sort of diversity, those assorted flecks of Christian Filth that by their mere existence – not actions against person or property, not restricting others liberty, but by merely having the wrong set of beliefs and thoughts — enrages Our Masters.

(And, not coincidentally, could hinder their career path and toss obstacles in their drive for power).

The latest bit of power-seeking preening to Eviscerate Freedom of Religion — and thus, to centralize power in the Aristocracy — is “moral cleansing” of the medical profession, shifting its members from people who love to give life and healing, to those who love power over others, especially the power to kill others without consequences.

The ongoing moral cleansing of the medical professions — currently waged in the media and bioethics movement’s policy offensive against “medical conscience” — may soon expand to preventing unwoke would-be doctors, nurses, and pharmacists from obtaining professional educations. Specifically, the Canadian bioethicist Udu Schuklenk — who generally mouths the mainstream utilitarianish views of the mainstream bioethics movement — has explicitly advocated barring students with unwanted sanctity-of-life ethics from admission into medical school. From the Global News story:

“For Schuklenk, a possible solution to prevent such debates [over euthanasia, abortion, transgender interventions, etc..] from cropping up at all would be to screen out would-be doctors who say they would object to providing health care on conscience grounds before they even get to medical school.

This could be done through a survey or asking medical school applicants outright if they foresee themselves objecting to providing certain types of health care.

‘The problems that we are having now that lead to the kinds of legislation they are considering now in Alberta is caused by these sorts of doctors who prioritize their private beliefs, ultimately, over patient well-being,’ Schuklenk told Global News.

‘Medical schools, pharmacy schools should go out of their way to basically eliminate applicants who they know already will not provide these services.'”

From Evolution News, Bioethicist Wants to Morally Cleanse Medical Schools

Remember way back when, when The Right Sort was so very angry about ‘imposing morality in the public sphere’?

And the Christians were so gullible as to believe them!

(Why yes, that is The Establishment point and laughing, directly at you and me…

…and if you listen carefully, you can also hear something intensely antihuman laughing, as well.

That’s what you get when you decide to strip the Law, God’s Right to Rule according to HIS standards, from society, in the name of Tolerance and Love.)

Now, if you focus on that quote from the very willing sock-puppet of Satan, you will note an interesting truth: he thinks that if the Right Sort eliminate the Wrong Sort from all positions of power and influence in society — “All the Kings, the Priests, the Prophets belong to the Collective!” — then finally Total Control & Conformity will be achieved.

It’s like he never heard of the assorted failed Totalitarian States, where Party Membership and mouthing the Correct Ideology was required for professional careers.

But dogs always return to their vomit.

We Christians had better not follow the power-worshiping fools: for God is watching us, and will certainly punish us if we fail Him and His standard of justice.

Even better, if God’s people move to remove all licensing and guild restrictions and elite controls – yes, even on the medical and legal professions, just as much as for barbers and bricklayers.

Perhaps especially on the medical and legal professions.

While breaking the Chains of Our Masters, we should also break the chains on the poor as well, regardless of their religion. Freedom to earn your living is from God, and is everyone’s birthright… coupled with accountability IF you bring unjust harm, or defraud people.

For more, see “Licensing” from to start. There are many other directions you can go, from “Medical” to “Guild” to “Copyright

Admittedly, I’m more on a directly anti-government kick in my reading, as per Medicare and Medicaid Destroyed Healthcare and James Comey Insists the FBI Isn’t Evil, It’s Only “Grossly Incompetent” (What an optimist!)

But it pays to keep the axe to the root, so to speak.

Chop down the licensing system. End the guilds.

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