Rule Yourself, or be Ruled

(A modified repost from the sci-fi blog)

If you don’t control yourself, you will be controlled.

Religious Comment: My level of loathing and contempt for the Quaker idea of penitentiaries is deep and profound.

Just punish the man and let him go (or bury him, if executed in accordance to Law), as Moses taught.

This is infinitely better than locking him up and dehumanizing him like some caged animal, wasting his life/raping him/letting other inmates teach him superior criminal skills/having criminal gangs integrate a new member for service, before and after release.

“But how can the State show whose boss, demonstrate its power, and grow its payroll if criminals are merely punished/pay restitution to the victim, and then let go/buried?”

The State isn’t our Lord and Master, and should stop pretending to be Him.

Instead, it should merely do the job it’s been assigned… period. Anything more is just another flavour of tyranny/self-idolatry.

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