(A near copy-paste from the sci-fi blog)

Something very interesting has been happening to the real economy since roughly 2000: greater GNP, greater wealth, but less actual physical material (including metal) is being used.

On October 9, 2019, John McAfee went public with the story of the new economic world order.

On that day, Scribner published his book, More for Less. On that day, Reason, the libertarian website, ran an article by McAfee.

[…snipped discussion of the evidence-free “global warming” second half of the book…]

The heart of the rational half of the book is found in the article, “The Economy Keeps Growing, but Americans Are Using Less Steel, Paper, Fertilizer, and Energy.”

North uses the term “Krellonomics” from the Krell civilization of the Forbidden Planet movie. They were able to get whatever they wanted at zero cost, and naturally after a while decided to blow their brains.

It is important to realize that we are now on that road.

Paywalled followups:


One day, after we have journeyed long on that incredibly comfortable and luxuriously prosperous road, we are going to come across a loaded shotgun, with a beautiful gift card addressed

“For you.”

The Europeans, masters of the world, decided to use the shotgun precisely as intended in August 1914.

It is imperative that today’s Christians successfully understand what’s going on, and act to rewrite the cultural script.

No, it is NOT inevitable that we destroy ourselves, that every golden age be followed by a dark age, that success must be followed by failure.

That’s pagan philosophy, and not what Moses or Christ taught.

People make choices. They can choose to do what is right, what blesses the future (and the present!), to restrain themselves, to think first, to count the cost.

To turn away from death.


For Christians to deliver “good fruit” and lead the way on this, they will not only have to turn away from the pagan philosophers; they will also have to turn away from the worthless servants: Christians who only reaction to the problems of today is to run away, back to some dead and gone Tradition, or some fantasy Rapture from the real world.

A good servant can bring to pass his Master’s will, in time and on earth, without begging the Master to do everything himself.

“Just how worthless, lazy, and fearful are such slothful Solomani servants, anyways?”

The Sector Duke chuckled.

“If I was as utterly cowardly, slack, and willfully disobedient as Christians are, my Emperor would have my head on a pike after a particularly entertaining trial and execution.”

A pause, to sip some fine port.

“Not that would ever happen, of course: such openly treasonous ‘incompetence’ would put the future of all my children at risk. Something my sweet, well-connected, and extremely intelligent wife would never allow to happen.”

“I see.”

“A strong, powerful, and respected Emperor had strong, powerful, and obedient servants. A weak, powerless, and disrespected Emperor has weak, powerless, and disobedient servants.”

The last two sentences are obviously true.

As I can guarantee that the solid majority of Western Christian clergymen will never mention that truth, never mind act on it — I wonder why — I leave it to the interested, intelligent, victory-oriented layman to confer with similarly-minded people, observe his local situation, and decide what has to be done to get Christ the victory He demands.

And then do it.

BEFORE the not-so-distant time of ease, and prosperity, and safety arrives…

…and we come across a loaded shotgun on the road, with an elegant note attached to it.





If we make the right choice, I believe that we will be permitted to find that thoughtful and generous gift-giver, and suitably reward that entity for its generosity.

Just a little incentive, there.

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