Cain’s Righteousness, German Purity, and Reptilian Traps

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Cain’s Fake, Superficial Righteousness

Quote below, from Christian Economics, Scholar’s Edition. Chapter 16: Efficiency, by Gary North

Now Abel became a shepherd, but Cain cultivated the soil (Genesis 4:2b).


The Bible says that domesticated animals and agriculture were basic to society from the beginning. Adam named the animals on day one (Genesis 2:19–20). This means that he classified them. He was also told to develop the garden (Genesis 2:15). This means he understood agriculture. God on day one gave him sufficient knowledge to begin to develop the earth: animal and agricultural. Adam would have to learn about details. General principles were insufficient.

God cursed the ground after the fall: “. . . cursed is the ground because of you; through painful work you will eat from it all the days of your life. It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field. By the sweat of your face you will eat bread, until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken. For dust you are, and to dust you will return” (Genesis 3:17b–19). Adam had agricultural knowledge. He understood what God had done. When God ejected Adam and Eve from the garden, He dressed them in animal skins (v. 21). They probably watched Him do this. They learned.

Note that it was Abel, the herdsman who killed the animals, who was murdered by Cain, the one who grew the crops.

If I was a betting man, I would put quite a HUGE sum of money on the bet that Cain felt that he was morally superior to Abel, because he peacefully grew plants while Abel slaughtered innocent animals.

“How dare God prefer Abel’s filthy, blood-covered offerings to my pure, healthy and clean fruits and vegetables!


Lesson: the appearance of righteous purity counts for nothing.

Germans, Jews, and Slithering Deceptions

The Germans, without a doubt, had a far greater understanding of the sins of the Jews than I will ever bother to learn.

And indeed, there is no nation on earth — not the Jews, not the Gentiles, not the Blacks, not the Whites, not the untouched tribes in the Amazon or on Indian islands — that don’t have their own unique load of evil weighing down on them, crippling them, blinding them.

But the sins of the Jews was not what Satan had in mind, when that serpent started whispering in the ears of the Germans.

And so now, and for the next ten thousand years, whenever the Germans and the Jews are mentioned in the same sentence, everyone will instantly know who is the evil one, and who is the innocent one.

Actions, not pious posing, is what people see, first and most.

And rightfully so.

Lesson: Christians – especially the hard-core believers – need to focus on correctly identifying their own load of evil filth first, and dump it at the feet of Christ for burning.

It isn’t that there isn’t real evil in the world that needs breaking. There is, and it should be fought.. and crushed.

It’s that we need to start the fight at home, in our hearts, in our families, in our churches. Only as we gain the victory at home, can we even begin to rightfully and lawfully expand the Kingdom of God across our towns and nations.

How can we remove the speck in our brother’s eye, when we have this massive log in our own eye? FIRST we aggressively break the massive evil in ourselves, and THEN we carefully and delicately remove the minor evil in our brother’s eye!

Moreover, the pagan cant about “evil means for good ends” NEVER cuts it with God.

The means do not justify the ends.

The means reflect the ends.

The below quote is from North’s Before Committing to a Reform Movement, Ask These Questions

Stay away from the John Brown end of the spectrum. In the hierarchy of commitment, Brown was up there at the top, but you would be wise to avoid committing to anybody comparable to John Brown.

So, when you are invited to join reform organization, ask the following questions:

1. Who are these people?
2. What is their open agenda?
3. What is their hidden agenda?
4. What is the basis of their ethical system?
5. Where is a detailed volume, meaning a book, that explains this ethical system?
6. What negative sanctions do they ask the government to impose?
7. On what judicial basis?
8. Is there a legal precedent for this in American history? 9. What is their view of private violence to stop the evil?
10. What is the ethical basis of this view?
11. Who are the people in charge of a reform organization?
12. What is their background?
13. What have they achieved outside of the reform movement?
14. Are they working full-time for the reform organization?
15. If they are, who provides the financial support?
15. Is the organization part of a broader coalition?
16. Does it have a multi-phase plan of action that recognizes the rival pyramids of commitment?
17. What is their positive program of reform?
18. How are its spokesmen selected and excommunicated?
19. How extensive is its existing membership/influence?
20. What other evils does it want to stamp out?

Your level of commitment should be based on the answers you get to these questions.

Jesus did not come to kill the world. He came to heal the world.

Go thou, and – as a limited, finite, but real, representative of God – do likewise.

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