A Worthy Pastor

In the West, Pastors are a joke… and are laughingly left alone by the Right Sort, as utterly harmless and powerless.

Just as those faithless failures desire.

In China, Pastors are serious… and are treated seriously.

Pastor Imprisoned for Nine Years After Calling Chinese Communist Party ‘Morally Incompatible With the Christian Faith’

Challenge the Right Sort, and expect to pay a price.

As well as receive a reward.

What is most interesting here is the official reason for his imprisonment: because he called the Chinese Communist Party “morally incompatible with the Christian Faith.”

I am confident that Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, AND Mao Zedong would all have vocally agreed with this pastor, 100%.

And the behaviour of Marxist regimes is obviously – and pointedly – in defiance with the teachings of Moses and Christ.

Moreover: Christians are explicitly banned from all sort of positions within the Communist State. Obviously, the Party certainly doesn’t see Christians – regardless of their credentials – as “morally trustworthy”!

Summary: when the pastors of the West get as much spine as Chinese pastors do — and are willing to pay similar prices, in challenging the Power Elite — then, and only then, will Western Pastors be worthy of honour and respect.

And not a moment before.

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