The Post-Darwin Era

I stated four years ago that Darwinism was dead, that the defenders of Darwin were wrong and that we had won the debate. The debates that once took place on this blog are now much rarer simply because there isn’t much to debate now. It is only a matter of time.

Uncommon Descent, If Only Biologists Were This Smart!

It’s time for Christians to get ready for the post-Darwin world.

Some things that immediately spring to mind:

  • The end of Darwinism will be intertwined with the end of secularism as a functional ideology, and of atheistic materialism as a tenable position: logically, scientifically, or culturally.
    • Various forms of spiritual atheism — Buddhism, Confucianism, et al — will be able to comfortably exist without Darwin. Note that these religions exalt a Spiritual Law (Buddhism) or Harmony/Conformity per se (Confucianism), and not a personal Creator-Redeemer-Judge.
  • With the end of Darwinism comes the end of materialism, and thus of modern European-style racism – “the genetically inferior should be exterminated”, “kill the subhumans!”, etc. Without Darwin, there are no subhumans, no need of a bridge between the apes and men.
  • As Darwin dies out, there will be a falling-back of assorted self-destructive policies and lifestyles, from Keynesian economics to abortion to homosexuality to arbitrary laws. Human life is of value once again, and not “mere talking animals” or “hairless apes making more hairless apes.”
  • The end of Darwinian dehumanization is going to be a good thing for mankind in general, as the value of human life increases. This will especially benefit the poor and the brown, including women and children (born and unborn), and hinder the murderous goals of the powerful and the white, especially the leaders of the ‘population control movement.’
    • It is only right to note that the vast majority that broke the power of Darwinism were well-educated whites as well, if not as politically powerful as the disgusting Darwinians. God will see to it that the whites who stood for His truth, justice and mercy will be blessed and rewarded, now and for generations to come. *salute*

New World, New Lies

The Establishment will have to generate a new justification for its power and control. Unitarianism was pretty popular at one time, as was Deism: but I think that the Right Sort will turn to some flavor of Confucian conformism and Buddhist nihilism, seasoned with a bit of Islamic absolutism, updated Marxist collectivism and the Hindi caste system.

An ideological combination along these lines maximizes the power of the State (and the Right Sort) over the revolting masses (“Power Religion”), while rendering injustice as irrelevant and meaningless as possible (“Escape Religion”).

I can also see some kind of revival of Plato, as his kind of fascism – dressed up with a bit of metaphysical blather, to cover for the end of Darwin – predates the Enlightenment, and can be pushed as “the re-discovery of the Wisdom of the Ancients, before the Unfortunate Secularist Excesses of the 20th century.”

There is an outside chance that the Our Leaders will prop up some Christian has-been — the Catholic Church, say, merged with the laughable remnants of the Lutheran, Reformed, and Anglican churches in Europe — to baptize whatever arbitrary nonsense the Agenda happens to be. But I really doubt it: no one in authority needs the help of a rotting, powerless corpse.

The Kingdom of God

Regardless of the phony baloney that Our Betters will push, the fact is that they have a lot of authority in recent decades, and the end of Darwin will only accelerate the loss of legitimacy. Darwin — especially in its contempt for human life, and for the law — was their very best chance of gaining unfettered power over the Inferior Classes, but the Power Elite messed it up right from the get-go:

  • destroying their future in World War I,
  • destroying their right to rule over the Lesser Breeds in World War II,
  • destroying much of their wealth generation, either quickly (Communism, Fascism), or slowly (Keynesian economies, Soft Socialism),
  • destroying sexual self-discipline, and thus family formation and viable birth rates

The idea of upholding the Law of Moses, the Kingship of Jesus, and the Power of the Holy Spirit (“Dominion Religion”) will be as hated as ever among the ruling classes. But really, that’s just par for the course – there is no possibility that the Elite will tolerate biblical restrictions on their power. The fact that they will have to tolerate any limits from On High, in the post-Darwin environment, will be quietly mourned for a very long time.

“No moral restrictions at all? Nothing barring the political insiders from doing exactly as they pleased to the inferior outsiders? Ah… those were the days!

As Christ will increase His Kingdom in time and on earth, the “Power” in Power Elite will continue to shrink… as it as been doing since 1914. Decentralization will go hand-in-hand with delegitimization, especially after the bankruptcy of the Western welfare states.

I am uncertain when the Power Elite as we know it will completely disappear/be a complete irrelevance. I suspect that their extinction will be tied to the end of the Central Bank, especially the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve.

Note that the Bank of England was created in 1694, pre-dating Darwin by about 150 years. The end of Darwin, and even atheistic materialism, won’t be enough to bring down that thieving monstrosity! The end of the welfare state just might though, depending on how the numbers work out…

With the end of the Central Bank, goes the power of the State to control money. And with the loss of State power, goes the major competitor to the Kingdom of Christ.

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