Margaret Sanger’s ACTUAL Legacy


Margaret Sanger has a lot to answer for… but in her time, she was strongly supported by the Right Sort. Even to this very day, her name is revered on the Left precisely because of her support of the targeted killing of the weakest people out there.

Unlike the unborn, who do not vote and cannot speak, Black Americans can demand that she be dumped from the roster of Heroes of the Left, exactly because she backed concentration camps for black people in Africa.


Now that we know was we should do TODAY to protect our lives and our future, we can now look at Sanger’s legacy.

Japan was the first place to legalize widespread abortion, under the direction of a White American administration that did not like uppity Asians.

God expected Americans to heal and bless the world: yes, even their enemies. But the leadership would much rather kill it, given the chance.

(To be precise: educated Northerners laid down the road to death. Although you can be sure that uneducated Southerners would not have lifted a finger to stop it.)

In Japan, they were successful: their load of sins (see: the Rape of Nanking) and their pointed hatred of the Cross (which is what Americans were supposed to bring!) blocked and possibility of help from Above, as He gave to Africa and the Middle East, saving their future.

And the continued existence of mankind.

Much to the fury of Sanger and her ilk. And the entity they speak for.

Victory is Calling!

“It’s not exactly Halloween style scary, but, the U.S. Census Bureau predicted this past week that Americans over 65 will outnumber children, just 15 years from now.”

CBS Sunday Morning, Repopulating a Japanese town

“Do you seek revenge? First, dig two graves.”

This small town of Okutama, on the outskirts of Tokyo, might survive, thanks to its policy of free houses.

Yes, this town is in easy commuting distance to the biggest city in Japan, and it might survive.

In 2035, American over 65 will outnumber children, a point Japan reached in 1997. Taking a simplistic straight-line approach, small towns with cheap houses near New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas will be withering like Okutama in 2073.

That’s a long time from now.

Shorten our target date to 40 years from now, AD 2060. A full Biblical generation for God’s army to get ready, inside and outside: hearts, family, education, church, business, songs, in-house justice, compassion and mercy ministries.

A generation for Christians to root themselves in Christ commands, burn off the filth within and outside the camp, and begin to GROW.

Toss in an extra decade for the public legal, political & social clean-up, to reach AD 2070.

So then, to repeal Sanger’s legacy, Christians must be obedient to the commandments: all of them, from “no god before Christ” to “no murder” to “equality for all” to “no stealing” to “no perversity” to “go forth and multiply” to “forgive your enemies” to “have dominion over the earth: tame, shape, and cultivate it.”

Fear the Lord, work for victory, have and raise children for His name.

Build His Kingdom. Raise His inheritance up first… and be blessed in your own inheritance.

The meek and humble before God shall inherit the Earth. Literally.

And the legacy of His enemies shall be left to wither and rot and die, forgotten. Literally.

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