Profitable Christian Service, in the age of Jim Crow II

As we know, the Right Sort is moving to establish an implicitly anti-Christian caste system, a Jim Crow environment where Christians will be barred from the professions for possessing Incorrect Thoughts.

There are a number of ways around this: one of them is by going into HVAC, or plumbing, electrical work, or some forms of repair work. Business as far as the eye can see, recession or no: and in some places, you can be earning the salary of a doctor.

The drive to purge believing Christians from the professions is mainly a form of class warfare by the Marxist-driven academics, as they are unable to set up gulags, re-education camps, and concentration camps at the moment.

“It’s not about ability, or skill, or performance.
It’s about Compliance to Official Ideology!”

I don’t think they can get to their desired end-point: there is a reaction brewing, they are increasingly unable to pose as a “weak sympathetic minority”, and a bankrupt government is unable to bribe enough people to keep compliance. (See: The Soviet Union.)

Still, they are able to cause trouble for a while, so Christians who are not so interested in Social Standing — but just want to get financially secure; finance a good, large family; and expand the Kingdom of God — may want to seek alternatives.

Also see:

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Look around you. See what needs to be done. Give a hand… for a price. Read the article – and check out the site! – for details on how to do this

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If you are doing local work, you are out of its way. A good place to be!

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And not just teenagers! The link above is free, “for you and yours”

All this is far, FAR better than waiting (…and waiting… and waiting…) for Christian organizations and pastors to fight for their people. “Don’t hold your breath.”

Or hoping that a Universal Basic Income is going to help you.. an income tied to Ideological Compliance, of course!

Earlier post, detailing the problem:

The Great Pagan Caste System

The Progressive Jim Crow

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