“Will home-schooled Christian students be the science leaders of tomorrow?”

Well, that’s the plan.

Made MUCH easier by the fact that today;s elite doesn’t believe in “the Christian superstition of Objective Reality”

n the United States, homeschoolers rose from (National Center for Educational Statistics) 1.7 percent of the student population in 1999 to 3.3 percent in 2016, with over 100,000 believed to be using classical Christian programs.

It will be interesting indeed if the legacy of the thought traditions that provided a basis for science in the western world ended up being carried on mainly by devout Christians. While the official science world continues to mires and beclown itself in a war on objectivity.

Will home-schooled Christian students be the science leaders of tomorrow?, from Uncommon Descent

… But Dump The Greek Filth!

But they really should dump this infatuation over the intensely pagan, state-worshiping, slavery-endorsing, war-loving, deeply perverted, and VERY hostile-to-women “Classical Education.”

Again, with feeling:

Intellectual Schizophrenia: The Classical Christian Curriculum
Like a dog to its vomit, fundamentalists return to classical Greece…

Why Classical Education Is Statist Education
The Classical Christian curriculum is an oxymoron: the fusion of liberty and statism…

Classical Christian Education Is Like Marxist Christian Education, But a Lot More Subtle.
Classical education is opposed to Christian education

The Classical Christian Curriculum: Marriage to a Corpse
You may ask why I am so hostile to the classical Christian curriculum. Because I learned about it from Van Til and Rushdoony…

Classical Christian Education: The Real Deal
First, begin with classical culture…

Nine Corrupt Pillars of Classical Greece
The idea of a classical Christian curriculum is a sales ploy to deceive Christians who do not know the basics of classical Greek history…

The Academic Case Against Latin
Think of classical education as oil and Christianity as water. Would you toss your child into a lake covered with oil, and then set the oil on fire?

What Protestant Evangelical Home School Parents Want: A Roman Catholic/Greek Curriculum
Reasons why I am in no hurry to move from my 8th grade home school curriculum (never published) to grades 9-12..

Teaching Classical History to Christian High School Students
Most Christian school teachers are unaware of the true nature of classical Greece….

On Corrupting Your Child With a Classical Education — and Losing $200,000 (After Taxes) to Do This.
The best thing I can say about classical education is that it’s just about dead.

Homer and Humbug: An Academic Discussion
Dr. Leacock read Greek and Latin. He had no illusions about this ability….

The Trivium: Pagan vs. Christian
Dorothy Sayers’ 1947 essay has gaping holes in it…

History: European — Political Theory
Textbook accounts of the history of Western political theory generally begin with an unstated presupposition: man is saved by politics. This is an application of theology: man is saved by law. This view is wrong….

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