1) The Virginia Protests: A Good Start 2) Localism 3) Generational Robbery

Yesterday’s Virginia pro-Second Amendment rally shocked the elites to their core. Propagandized by the mainstream media, they expected out-of-control white supremacists but found a peaceful group of all races and orientations. More importantly, the local government nullification movement is growing like wildfire, with local authorities openly vowing they would not enforce gun laws passed in Richmond that they consider unconstitutional.

This is what I call a good start.

It’s going to take some time to grow and build up: peaceful, but firm. Much like the tide coming in.

I am very glad that the pro-gun protestors weren’t suckered into violence. That is a very good sign. Keep that up, and I am rather confident that God will grant them the victory.

But no victory is permanent. Watchfulness, as well as wisdom, strength, patience, and commitment, will be needed to build the better, freer, more prosperous future we should – and must – work for.

Secession Is the Answer to Building a Free Society, says Gary D. Barnett. Not exactly: self-governance, grounded in the Law and Power of God, is the root of all that is good.

But once the idea of governing and ruling yourself has been planted, some from of secession — which is really just a variant of liberty — becomes a useful tool to regain freedom. For believers and (the wiser) unbelievers alike.

The State makes a poor god. Stop propping it up.


I like the localist implications of the victory the Virginia protestors are earning.

Does that mean that sometimes, people will make the ‘wrong’ choice, like the Swiss with their local hostility to immigrants?

Perhaps they will.

But here’s the thing: in a lawful and free planetary culture, the Swiss cantons are to govern themselves, as they see fit. If they don’t want immigrants, then no loudmouthed blogger in cyberspace – or the French president – has the lawful authority to overrule them.

It is their land. What they say, goes.

Now, I happen to disagree. Fair enough: if I am so committed about it, then I need to get preaching and pounding the podium about it.

  • I speak up for my side of the argument.
  • My opponents explain their side of the argument.

If they decide incorrectly, then they will pay the price, out of their own pocket.

If they decide correctly, then they will reap the reward, poured into their own pocket.

But it is for the Swiss people to decide.

Not me. Not you.

And not Our Loving Masters.

The Robbery of the Young White European

It is often said that Europe has need of demographic renewal, so low is its birth rate. This argument seems to me to be entirely false, or alternatively intended to disguise something very discreditable. The rate of youth unemployment in European countries with a total population of more than 150,000,000 people is 20 to 25 percent, which means that there is a very considerable reserve army of labor. It should surely be easier for a young Spaniard, Greek, or Frenchman to integrate into German society than for someone from the Middle East or Africa. But of course the young Europeans, especially those without qualifications, are not desperate for work because, thanks to state allocations, they can get by without, and would hardly be better off if they did move to where there is work.

On Whose Authority by Theodore Dalrymple

Mr. Dalrymple makes an excellent point here. There is a massive reserve of young white people in Europe who would love to get steady jobs.

But they are not going to get them, due to the socialism (labour rigidity) of Europe.

The Old White People have decided to lock out the Young White People from the future.

“And if the white children who escaped being aborted die poor and childless, then let them die. But my generation will enjoy the fine life and comforts of a Protected Class, right to the grave!”

This is rampantly unjust and oppressive. But the social system is on total lockdown; the priests and pastors of the area adore and strongly support the socialist framework; and even those few young men able and willing to fight merely want to get themselves into the Protected Classes, instead of smashing the cage.

The Old and the Young love the system. And are quite likely to die with it.

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