Off-Topic: Cancer and Vitamin D

I came across a video on the relationship between vitamin D and the reduction of cancer. The video has been online for about four years, but the information has been around for several decades. It is simply astounding that the medical profession has ignored these videos. That is also the opinion of the man who gave the lecture.

The lecture is not spellbinding, but it makes good use of the charts. As the lecture continues, it gets more relevant. If you only watch part of it, watch the last 20%. The research indicates that for colon cancer and breast cancer, a high intake of vitamin D has simply astounding preventive effects, even after the cancers have been diagnosed. By astounding, I mean in some cases in the range of a 90% reduction. This was presented to a group of physicians.

This was presented in 2014. It has had about 12,000 hits. It should be far more.

Entry #40: Update on My Condition by Gary North

Hundreds of millions of people will suffer from cancer someday.

Take your Vitamin D.

(I hope the word gets out too, Dr. North!)

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