Deep Time, Equal Time

Survey, Truth, and Unspoken Assumptions

Other creation-focused ministries have done similar surveys. One by a good friend of CMI asked this exact same question and got similar results. This survey indicated that out of the top ten best evidences for evolution given by students, the top four categories amounted to 72% of the total responses. These were human evolution (24.8%), evolution theory proper (21.3%), fossils and transitional forms (15.1%) and science as an authority (11.1%).1 So, should we make these four ‘evidence’ points a priority target on our evolutionary hit list? You might be surprised that our answer is ‘no’, well…kind of, no.

The stronghold of deep time

The major categories reported by the students are linked via one key factor that does not appear in these surveys. It’s the millions of years of deep time!

In these surveys (including our own), students hardly mentioned millions of years (MOYs) as a best evidence for evolution. Was this really because the students felt this area was not a major conflict with the Bible? We think not, and it’s because they’ve already accepted deep time. For example:

1. The fossil record in the rock layers (which allegedly took MOYs to lay down) is interpreted as evidence of creatures slowly transforming into higher organisms.

2. Apes to human evolution is assumed to have occurred over MOYs due to the finds of fragmentary, alleged transitional fossils (‘ape-men fossils’ in the same rock layers).

3. When we questioned the students and they mentioned genetics, they were referring to human-chimp DNA comparisons. Mutations over the assumed MOYs are said to account for this.

The major categories reported by the students are linked via one key factor that does not appear in these surveys. It’s the millions of years of deep time! Every ‘evidence’ raised by students needs MOYs for these processes to take place; it’s the ‘glue’ that holds the evolutionary story together.

MOYs was not mentioned because it was just assumed to be true.

Revisiting the FALLOUT! There is good news when dealing with the key excuses people use to reject Christ by Scott Gillis and Gary Bates

It isn’t whats on the survey that is crucial. It’s what not on it.

Now, just because a man may believe in deep time does not make him a Darwinian… but it opens the door. Creation in six days closes that door.

The End of Neutrality

You want us to give equal airtime to the other side of the debate at our events? Umm, no. Why? Well, I suggest trying to be fair: why not also ask long-agers to give us equal airtime in their media? Oh, wait; they’ll never do that in this climate! Why not? They think we’re idiots, psychos, and liars. Indeed, Dawkins won’t even debate a creationist precisely because he says that would give us equal airtime with him (World atheist convention rejects Australian creationist debate challenge). The fact is that neither side needs to give equal airtime to the other at their own events. If you don’t like the fact that in certain circles we get the final word (though a clear minority compared to the airtime ‘billions of years’ ideas get), might I suggest taking the beam out of your own eye before attending to the supposed speck in our own.

Equal airtime to deep time?

It’s nice to see that some Christians are interested in winning… and have no time for red herrings about “equal time” or “fairness” to an enemy that hates them.

Such things are but a pose for said foe to get into a better position to cut your throat open.

For example, see how strongly “freedom of conscience” was pushed when the God-haters were in a weak position, and how quickly it is dumped when the God-haters are in the power position.

Christians, God is teaching you a lesson here. Remember it when the giants fall due to bankruptcy, sterility, and incoherence… while you rise due to your faithfulness to God, your obedience to the Holy Spirit, and steady diligence, hard work, and willingness to serve.

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