Begging Pagans for Justice… NOT

Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center brought up some valid concerns about how so-called Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions employ a misleading term given that they don’t have legal force behind them. On the other hand, sanctuary cities dealing with immigration enforcement—where local law enforcement does not cooperate with federal immigration enforcers—involve a more decisive political action that is not symbolic in nature. We may need to cut the Second Amendment movement some slack, however. This is relatively new territory for Second Amendment proponents, who have traditionally operated under the premise that federal lobbying or petitioning of the courts will save them. There will be learning curves through this process, but gun owners will have to start somewhere.

What’s Next for the Virginia Sanctuary Movement? by José Niño

The Second Amendment types are at least starting to learn the ropes.

Even politicians at the federal level, such as Kentucky senator Rand Paul and Congressman Thomas Massie, are throwing their support behind Second Amendment sanctuaries. They recognize that there is only so much they can do politically in DC. Should any type of roll call vote come up on pro-gun legislation, they would almost assuredly be in the minority. That’s the political reality on Capitol Hill, and gradually more and more constitutionalists are starting to recognize where the winds are blowing. Hence their forays into more local and state-level forms of activism.

What’s Next for the Virginia Sanctuary Movement? by José Niño

Exactly. Going local is the only way, if you want to win.

We Christians need to humble ourselves, and learn from the Second Amendment people.

Helping them out would be pretty smart, as well. Even if they never return the favour, it is STILL a Good Thing to Do!

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