Bringing Fruit from the Desert, with 2,000 Year Old Seeds

The seeds – the oldest ever germinated – were among hundreds discovered in caves and in an ancient palace built by King Herod the Great in the 1st century BC.

Sarah Sallon at the Louis L Borick Natural Medicine Research Center in Jerusalem and her colleagues previously grew a single date palm tree (Phoenix dactylifera) from one of the seeds. The team has now managed to grow a further six.

The ancient seeds were prepared by soaking them in water, adding hormones that encourage germination and rooting, then planting them in soil in a quarantined area.

Extinct date palms grown from 2000-year-old seeds found near Jerusalem by Alice Klein

Looks good for bringing back what was lost.

What engineer could ever make a seed? To devise an 10cm object that can grow into a tall tree and make more objects that can reproduce themselves generation after generation – that has to be considered a truly remarkable feat of design. And then, to have it survive 2,000 years in the heat and grow again seems impossible. If engineers ever achieved anything like that, they would surely be insulted to be ignored, and told that their inventions happened by chance.

Seeds from Time of Christ Sprout, Grow Trees in Israel by David F. Coppedge

I don’t like insulting good engineers.

And I don’t like obstinate, willful blindness, either.

Better to learn from the engineer, and expand on His techniques.

Lots of worlds out there that need greening, methinks.

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