A Reader’s Digest of Lamb’s Reign: 2019

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We need to both remove the log in your own eye (which must be done, for your sake!) so you can better see as you carefully remove the splinter in your brother’s eye (which should be done, for his sake!)

Just a link, a quote or two (or four!), and a few thought. From oldest to the newest.

The Worship of Authority

For years now, since The Bounds of Love, I have argued that much of what passes as “God’s law” among many professed adherents is less of a biblical position and more of an authoritarian value system that uses the language of the Bible to justify itself to many Christians. Many wish to defend older traditions or “the good old days” and are drawn to the idea that “God’s standards” should be the “law of the land,” but without clear definitions, or with a willingness to overlook the fact that crucial limits do not exist among modern police in several ways. This problem is coupled with a gloss on Romans 13 in which the civil government is God’s specially-ordained servant for ridding evil from the land.

When, however, power is not greatly limited, controlled, and especially held to a higher standard of accountability, tyranny will inevitably ensue. This is nowhere more visible in American history and today than with various administrative agencies run amok, as well as police power. Not only did I warn of this in my books on the Bible, but The Problem of Slavery in Christian America made clear just how we justified the growth of certain police powers under the old racist system.

Unfortunately, however, many people, young men especially, who have such ideas and a zeal for their advancement, can be drawn to the use of power to see them advanced. The authoritarian side of the “God’s law” argument presents just such a worldview, and it inevitably draws people who covet power, and even sometimes who openly defend uses of special powers and entitlements, especially by police.

Aaron Dean, Police, And God’s Law by Joel McDurmon – October 16, 2019

First the root, the core of the problem.

Then the discussion of a particular manifestation of the issue: in this case, the shooting of a woman in her house. A black woman, of course.

Last Saturday at about 2:30 a.m., a Ft. Worth police officer shot a 28-year old woman through the window of her own home. Responding to a “welfare check” call, his body cam footage shows that he quietly crept around the back of her home in darkness, unlatched her gate, then spied her through her window. He immediately yelled, “Put your hands up! Show me your hands!” and then fired immediately as he finished shouting the command.

Not only did he give no time to comply with his warning before shooting, he had never even announced himself as police. Indeed, he had never even announced his presence at all.

The young woman, Atatiana Jefferson, died from the shot in front of her 8 year old nephew1.

Following the shooting, the officer has since resigned, and has now been charged with murder, but is out on bail.

This morning, it came to our attention that the former officer, Aaron Dean, is a professing Christian, Reconstructionist, and theonomist. This reality highlights a crucial argument taking place about how we understand the principles of biblical law.

Aaron Dean, Police, And God’s Law by Joel McDurmon – October 16, 2019

“By their fruits you shall know them.”

Believe it or not, we are not Muslims. The Law does not merely protect & empower the Believer, and punish and enslave the Infidel.

We follow Christ, and the Law Christ blessed.

The Law Applies to All.

If the Believer disobeys the Law, he will be punished and ground down, in time and on earth. And if the Infidel upholds the Law, he will be protected and raised up, in time and on earth.

(And exactly where this this completely alien concept of the Law “empowering the white man, and killing the black woman” come from? I’m sure Darwin — and Margaret Sager — can help us out on this. *waves*)

And God is quite willing to use howling pagans as His eyes… and His fists… when His people break the Law.

A small-p prophet like McDurmon helps to stand in the gap for his people, deterring Divine wrath. But more white theonomists need to get on McDurmon’s side, and off the side of murderers like Arron Dean.

It would bring blessings – and not curses – on their head.

(And it’s doable too: many white Christians have given substantial support and work on the side of Creationism, which is the root of human worth… and they will be blessed for it! But the work must grow, in both breath and depth: and reality-based Creationism is just the indispensable starting point, not the end point of justice and liberty for all.)

Up From the Retreats and the Safe Places!

We must also remember that heaven is not limited to a church service, or only what happens in a local church (though this is an important aspect). It is a kingdom. A kingdom with a civilization. It is the place where God’s will is done. Where Christ’s dominion is observed and obeyed in every realm. Where all the nations obey him. Where the rulers of nations respect his law. Where all of civilization has been transformed having been filled with servants of God who have been redeemed to resume the project of dominion over the earth for which they were created.

This is why we are to pray “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. The most *comprehensive* snapshot of heaven on earth is not a gathering of Christians singing in worship (as truly wonderful as that is) but a civilization devoted to Christ in every sphere of life, including the local church services. A town where the local restaurants, universities, civil courts, businesses, medical clinics and centers of art are filled with redeemed saints and are being run by those redeemed saints according to the principles of God’s law.

Minimizing Heaven, Absolutizing the Local Church by Jordan Wilson – October 18, 2019

The Kingdom is not a set of four walls and a praying congregation.

Sure, such places and people have an important role to play, and a special level of authority as the seed of a Christian world. But the point of Christ is not to have a lot of beautiful but sterile seeds scattered around the world. Those seeds need to be fertile, to germinate, to shape the world around them, to grow strong and all and expand the Kingdom of God across all areas, in every sphere of life.

[…] this man spoken of above is an executive employed at a business that serves an important function in the kingdom of God which blesses many people, believers and non-believers alike. Would this not be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ  working  in service to the kingdom of Jesus Christ? Unless he is engaged in some kind of unrepentant sin, why would we not receive him into fellowship on this basis?

Now there are more than a few additional problems with this statement. No local church is authorized to give membership to anyone to their local church. Local churches are to recognize membership in the universal church by virtue of Christian baptism and profession of faith. Hence when such a person makes it known they intend to join in fellowship with a local church they should be welcomed and received and recognized as a member of the body of Christ.  It’s an obligation on the church to receive them unless and until such a person is excommunicated. But the main point to grasp in relation to the subject matter of this article is that we can sometimes easily slip into a church culture emphasis that calls for service to the local church and not to the kingdom.  Or the local church and the kingdom are treated as the same thing. This kind of culture only recognizes service to the local church as service worthy of commendation.  Or they recognize other works done outside the church but as a lesser form of service.

Minimizing Heaven, Absolutizing the Local Church by Jordan Wilson – October 18, 2019

The church and the pastor has a position: to point the people in the right direction, to encourage them as they go forward and upward, and to reprove them if they go backward and downward.

But the small-c church acts as a ministry. As a ministry, it supports the big-C Church, the People of God, as they push forward the claims of Christ in all areas.

So the small-c church is not the focus.
But even the big-C Church is not the focus.

The Kingdom of God, and it’s Head, Jesus Christ, is the focus.

His willing and fruitful servants will be blessed. And his rebellious and unfruitful servants will be cursed.

And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.
Revelation 11:15

The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until tribute comes to him; and to him shall be the obedience of the peoples.
Genesis 49:10

The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.
Psalm 110:1

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
Matthew 6:10

All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.
Matthew 28:18-20

But when Christ had offered for all time a single sacrifice for sins, he sat down at the right hand of God, waiting from that time until his enemies should be made a footstool for his feet.
Hebrews 10:12-13

Then comes the end, when he delivers the kingdom to God the Father after destroying every rule and every authority and power. For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet.
1st Corinthians 15:24-25

The article provides these Bible quotes at the end, correctly pointing out where the rubber meets the road.

Christ and Truth, Over Reputation and Pride

The specific details revealed by Joel McDurmon were only those revealed by Aaron Dean himself via prior social media usage. He made no claim that Mr. Dean was a current member of the church. When a staff member from Redeemer Fort Worth contacted Joel to ask him to remove their church’s name (while no expression of concern for the victim was conveyed), McDurmon asked whether Mr. Dean was still a member of Redeemer and the staff member declined to answer that question.    

The hard pill to swallow here is to the degree that any church fails to speak up on behalf of the victims of members in their own congregation, that church  is already in danger because King Jesus brings sanctions against churches who cower in the shadows instead of basking in the glow of the light that is God’s law (Psa. 18:2837:6119:105130). There is a truckload of freedom when we walk in the light, when we reveal that which is dark. When churches fail to state publicly where they stand on the issue of the goring ox that may be their members, like an Aaron Dean, they are opting for the tactics of darkness, rather than light. “But if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin” (1 John 1:7).

Discovering Light, Hiding Behind Reputation by Jason Garwood – October 24, 2019

God’s people are not to run away from their public shames. They are to owe up, and repent of it. After repentance, then go forward, once again.

There are several reasons why someone would call for the concealment of the name of the church in a situation like this, and while I don’t know who made this particular comment, I do know that the desire to conceal such things is a perfect example of why authoritarian abuse runs rampant in our churches, homes, and society. Speaking more broadly about the problems we have churchwide in America, we have pastors with ego problems, and elders who think it’s their job to dictate everything instead of pouring their lives out in service to others (there are, of course, many who get this, so this is not a sweeping generalization). We have sex abuse scandals plaguing our churches, all in the name of, “Let’s handle this in-house.” Translation: “Let’s hide this because our reputation is at stake, and if our reputation goes down, the world won’t like us, and we won’t be able to afford our coffee, programs, and mortgage payment.” The point is rather clear: “Hide the church’s name” = “Keep them in the shadows.” Too often, however, it includes, “Hide the perp’s name.” Police departments, politicians, and governments all do the same thing: “We are currently conducting an investigation.” Translation: “We investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong. There is nothing to see here. Please move along.”

This culture of authoritarianism obviously has varying degrees to it, but the root problem involves two crucial errors: 1) Pietism and 2) Statism. 

First, Pietism is the rejection of God’s law and the embrace of some form of dualism. It’s the idea that only the pious, spiritual acts of going to church, praying, and reading one’s Bible are what matters. Your job, politics, money, matters of jurisprudence—none of these things pertain to truly spiritual Christianity. Much of this is the unfortunate leftovers of dispensationalism, but even the Reformed church has given herself to this terribly debilitating disease. 

Second, Statism is the elevation of the State beyond its God-given jurisdiction. It’s the idea that the State has no obligation to King Jesus and thus the State ought to be given as much power as it wants. Statism, or what the Bible shows as “Moloch Worship,” is also a terribly debilitating disease, but one that continues to grow unabated when the Churches remain silent on matters of systemic injustice. 

When God gave his covenant law to Israel, the surrounding nations were expected to see it as unparalleled wisdom (Deut. 4:5–8). They were to take the statutes and judgments of God (for example, the goring ox case law) and dothem. When Israel was faithful to God’s law, the nations would say, “Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people” (v. 6). Nowhere was Israel instructed to keep things hidden in the name of “reputation.” No one was to conceal the teaching and testimony of God and keep it for themselves. This law-keeping evangelism, something pietistic Christians today simply do not understand, was going to be the very means of illuminating the nations. 

Discovering Light, Hiding Behind Reputation by Jason Garwood – October 24, 2019

The corruption in the world can only be rooted out by God’s People: and it can’t be rooted out if God’s People are also corrupt!

God’s justice must be upheld, and will be upheld.

If God’s people don’t do the job, then God will choose a pagan group to do it instead: and the church — the small-c denomination and Big-C believers in Jesus — will pay the price.

(Points to the white atheistic progressives who stood with Martin Luther King Jr…
–> points to the mysterious absence of white conservative Christians
–> points to the Civil Rights Act and the inevitable consequences.

How Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Hijacked by the Left?
More like how King was GIVEN to the Left!)

Renaissance Christians

The traits of these men of antiquity ought to be the traits of every man and woman in Christendom. Yet, it is easy to point out that most in American evangelicalism today don’t even have a good, mature grasp on basic doctrines of Christianity. What we have is limited knowledge of God’s Word, and in the spirit of dualism, an excess of vocational knowledge usually based on a humanistic perspective. The perspective we as Christians must start with is from Scripture. Proverbs 1:7 (ESV) says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Knowledge of any kind must start, proceed, and end with the intention of glorifying God from Whom all things come.

So, where are the Renaissance men in Christendom? Where are those that excel physically, intellectually, artistically, and socially in Christendom?

Today we live in an age of monomaths; specialists, experts, professionals. These are people who get stuck in the parameters of one-way thinking with the inability to see the bigger picture, around the corner of possibilities and beyond. They cannot see how two things work relationally or see the similarities between two different things. The struggle with monomaths is that they not only have blinders on, but they also cannot fathom others being more than monomaths themselves. If anyone speaks on a subject outside their “field of expertise” or the monomaths perception of what one’s expertise is, it seems as if the individual is immediately disqualified to discuss it.

Where Are the Renaissance Men In Christendom Today? by Russell Traweek — October 28, 2019

God expects excellence from His people… and well-rounded minds, able to handle a whole host of problems well.

Sure, we cannot be experts everywhere. But we can be a master in one or two areas, experienced in some more areas, and have basic competency in even more aspects of the world around us!

More knowledge means more tool, to master the world around us. More dominion over our environment, and greater wisdom in dealing with — and helping out — people reach their goals too!

(Do it well enough, and they’ll pay you for your help!)

One, this imposes the idea of identity with vocation. Most people struggle with the idea of being anything other than one that works in a particular vocation because today, we are defined by what we do and not the whole being of who we are. Secondary knowledge is considered hobbyist rather than expertise. Men made in the image of God do not find their identity in vocation, but in Christ Jesus and we are created to be more than one dimensional.

Two, I have yet to meet a child who answers the question of future vocation with singularity. I have heard some say they want to be a doctor and a firefighter. I have heard some want to be a mom and an astronaut. Children see the world through simplistic eyes, but they are the ones that see a world of possibility. It is then through these formative years, and often through government-run public socialist education that these children are honed and hued down into one-dimensional cogs in the wheel; monomaths for the purpose and use of the state. In some circles, this even happens through the adoption and carryover of these philosophies into private and homeschool Christian education. They have become but a single-purpose part of an assembly line of society.

Where Are the Renaissance Men In Christendom Today? by Russell Traweek — October 28, 2019

The impoverishing, (pseudo) all-mighty, one-dimensional God-state that these secularists adore — and the crippled, dependent, one-dimensional disposable cogs they turn people into — is do dreary and blah.

Time to push the System over the cliff.

Slow work… hard work… but absolutely necessary.

Biblical Dominion or Seven Mountains Dominion?

This “head and not the tail” phrase is a recurring themes among this movement. But it is not used biblically. In the biblical covenant, becoming the head and not the tail is the outcome of obedience, not the path to it (See Deut. 28:1, 13, 44). It is an end and not a means. The means is obedience to God’s law revealed in scripture. In other words, we should preach and teach obedience to the law first, and only once we see such a revival in Christian obedience can we expect anything like social blessing and cultural ascendancy.

But Wagner does not see it this way. He thinks we must do “whatever is necessary” in order to capture the tops of those seven mountains—the seats of power in each area:

Our theological bedrock is what has been known as Dominion Theology. This means that our divine mandate is to do whatever is necessary, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to retake the dominion of God’s creation which Adam forfeited to Satan in the Garden of Eden. It is nothing less than seeing God’s kingdom coming and His will being done here on earth as it is in heaven. This includes the need to govern apolitically, as well as to embrace spiritual warfare techniques that neutralize the control of our adversary within the functional and territorial spheres of authority to which we have been assigned. To do this, we know that we must be in communion, we must receive revelation, and we must apostolically and prophetically proclaim that revelation.

Note the further means: governing “apolitically”—whatever that may entail—and receiving revelation.

Biblical Dominion or Seven Mountains Dominion? by Joel McDurmon — November 1, 2019

Oh, Lord, it’s these people.

  • “Do whatever is necessary to GET POWER!”
  • “Capture the top positions! Command and Control the Culture!”
  • We are righteous, and they are not: so we are justified in doing what ever we want, so long as we talk a lot about Jesus!”
  • “We stand above politics, a new Third Way that will bring in salvation, handed down from a New, Better Power Elite”

These people are so predictable, so boring and pre-programmed, that I can’t be bothered to put in a second quote. The article itself is fine, but the subject – while it MUST be addressed – is a drag.

I tend to roll my eyes with the Handmaiden’s Tale people: but they will be far more correct than incorrect, if the Seven Mountains folk have their way.

Better to stick with Rushdoony’s decentralization/near-libertarian goals.

Small localized nations, limited political authority, a distaste for standing armies and government police forces (*waves to John Calvin*), a widely armed population working with their neighbors, and more than one social authority.

Not a Single Almighty State, but civil groups and families and associations and churches and legal clubs and businesses. Throw in commodity money, like gold & silver (instead of the Central Bank fiat) and you’re going to get something far different than “A Pure Hated Hearted Christian Elite Ruling From The Commanding Heights.”

Avoiding the Reactionary Evangelical Surrender

It is a wrong-headed trend when Christians, in an almost conspiratorial manner, condemn media such as films and music just because it is popular media. However, when the conservative Christian culture turns its back on worthy causes and goals for the same reason, it can have devastating effects. For example, it is a sleight of hand from Satan that causes Christians to let Progressive Liberalism “own” justice. Liberty, justice, equality, and even progress itself are co-opted and falsely “owned” by humanism and the Left. Justice is now primarily seen as a tenet of the Left. Speaking out against ethnic-based hatred and prejudice is automatically labeled “Marxism.” Standing against hyper-patriarchal systems that subjugate women is called “liberal,” or even a cause of great evil. Showing special care to love and protect the weaker vessel is automatically labeled “feminism.”

Far too much of the conversation is not a conversation at all. Painting with a broad brush, having an absolute lack of nuance, and (most of all) condemnations based on guilt by association, muzzle potentially productive discussions on these essential issues. 

This is a weak and defeatist stance. It puts Christians on the defensive and gives up real and authentic Biblical terminology (liberty, justice, etc.) and righteous causes. It is nothing but a retreat and a surrender of the terminological and ethical high ground. Backward-looking and pessimistic mindsets drive this reactionary attitude. A romanticized view of history coupled with a knee-jerk reaction to oppose whatever the Left is saying—almost merely because the Left is saying it—drives this mentality. 

Avoiding the Reactionary Evangelical Surrender by John Reasnor — November 2, 2019

You can’t beat something with nothing.

And you certainly can’t beat something by just running away!

Or by plugging your ears.

Only losers do that… and aren’t Christians tired of losing all the time?

The pulpits might not care — so long as the tithe money and the cute secretaries are still coming in — but the believing movers and shakers in the congregation are getting restless.

Just remember: before Christians act, Christians need to listen.

Before the Nazis, There Were These People

I kid you not, the minute Doug Wilson’s article rolled across my newsfeed and I saw the word “inerrancy” in the title, I knew I was about to see a defense of the prima facie acceptability of slave owning under US chattel slavery – and I was right. This is no lucky guess. It’s because Douglas Wilson is in the habit of pulling the ol’ bait and switch by dangling the carrot of biblical inerrancy in front of unwary conservatives and then making it appear as if taking a chomp at said carrot requires approval of something they would otherwise instinctively despise.

In Which “No-Quarter November” Immediately Gives Quarter by Jordan Wilson — November 5, 2019

Before the Nazis…
Before the Commies…
There was the Southern Slaveowner, running around with a Bible in one hand and a bullwhip on the other.

And a lot of mysterious half-blood children running around, as said slaveowner preached on and on about the Deep Evil of Mixed-Race Marriages.

(To their credit, the Commies got rid of the original Marxist racial strains in their ideology, the minute it ceased being politically expedient. By giving a hand to Martin Luther King Jr, they also added tons of legitimacy and decades of life to their corrupt belief system…

…while a minority of aging white conservatives still sing songs about the Noble Confederacy. Loyal to the ship they remain, as it sinks beneath the waves.

It’s important that believing Christians don’t join them, as the ‘Price and Race over Law & Justice!’ people receive their rightful reward.)

We also know that even God’s commands to utterly wipe out the Canaanites without mercy was to be understood in the broader context of the covenant God made with Israel which was also open to proselytes. Even doomed Canaanites were permitted to enter into this covenant by faith, and have their lives spared as we see with Rahab and others.

In Which “No-Quarter November” Immediately Gives Quarter by Jordan Wilson — November 5, 2019

It’s about Pure Righteousness, not Pure Bloodlines.

(Where on earth did all these ‘material genetics means all, spiritual faith means nothing’ implicit-Darwinians started wearing a Christian get-up? Seriously Though… Where DID All These Nazis Come From?)

Christians in the antebellum south should have repudiated all forms of slavery that were not in line with the normative prescriptions of slavery. Practically speaking this would have meant that all forms of slavery in the antebellum south were immoral. Obeying the dictates of biblical law in the south would have precluded any bequeathing of slaves inter-generationally, any breaking up of families, any form of slavery where a person was degraded into such a state because of their skin color or because they or their parents were kidnapped.  The charge of kidnapping did not merely apply to the original slave trade but also to those who were found “in possession” of such kidnapped persons.

Exodus 21:16 “He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

Not to mention any form of slavery that was perpetual in nature and did not provide an opportunity with freedom after six years with provisions for success given on their way out. The only exception to that would have been criminals who were working to pay back restitution to the vitcim. Hint: this is not what was going on under US chattel slavery in even the best conditions.

These are not novel arguments. Entire denominations rightly castigated churches who gave quarter to slave holders in those days and struck down their arguments and their scripture twistings. Here is one such magnificent example by a pastor of a reformed Presbyterian congregation during those days.

In Which “No-Quarter November” Immediately Gives Quarter by Jordan Wilson — November 5, 2019

If you are going to pound the table about Biblical Law — and you should — pound the table about the WHOLE Biblical Law, not just “selected useful portions that improve my wallet and my taste for power.”

It’s important to note first of all that Paul reserves the right to hold Philemon accountable to “what is required” by the law should he not accept Philemon back “no longer as a slave”. The fact that ostensibly Philemon expects more payment of labor from Onesimus and feels cheated by his departure suggests this was a debt repayment situation. Little is known about the status of Onesimus’s slavery and we cannot assume that Philemon was holding him perpetually, treating him as cattle or that Philemon had acquired him through any unlawful means. In fact, given what we know about transcendent principles of Biblical law regarding slavery combined with Paul’s commendation of Philemon’s record of faithfulness, it would make sense that Onesimus had been initially received as a slave rightfully. There are many such possibilities. It’s quite possible that Onesimus had become destitute and sold himself into Philemon’s care. Onesimus could have fallen into insurmountable debt and was working to pay it off. Possibly he was a criminal or a thief and was paying off restitution to Philemon.

Under Greco-Roman slavery, slaves could own property and they could buy their own freedom. People would sometimes sell themselves into slavery to prevent hardship, many times the slavery was only for a period of some years until a debt was paid. Slaves could act as everything from laborers and housekeepers to doctors, lawyers and business managers. As an institution, Greco-Roman slavery was not entirely based on skin color based subjugation nor kidnapping. Though there were similarities and differences between US Chattel slavery and Greco-Roman slavery, and though the Gospel undermined both institutions, under Greco-Roman slavery, there was at least the possibility that a slave master was in compliance with biblical regulations for slaves. It would not be a surprise to learn that Philemon was treating Onesimus fairly in a kind of temporary indentured servitude scenario. There were fundamental aspects of Greco-roman slavery that were unbiblical, but it wasn’t a given that if you had a slave you were necessarily doing anything contrary to biblical law – It depended.

This is in direct contrast to the Antebellum South and US Chattel slavery. For any kind of Christian nation, participation in any kind of profiteering off of man-stealing, breaking up families of children and parents or owning kidnapped slaves must be completely off the table.

The system of slavery in the United States was entirely founded upon man-stealing from the barbaric transatlantic slave trade. It was predicated on racial bigotry along lines of skin color. It was perpetual where blacks were herded like cattle to be bred, their children sold off, families destroyed. There is no biblical authorization for this. John Broadus is no exception.

Pagan slavery, even Islamic slavery, was more merciful and just than Southern Slavery.

After all, if you converted to Islam, you were automatically set free… something the civilized, righteous, and noble white Southerners would never tolerate if their slaves converted to Christianity!

No wonder God had 25% of their menfolk killed, and placed the whole region under the heel of the North to this very day.

But I remain hopeful, that the lessons will at last be learnt, and the South will finally repent of her sins and be free of Yankee command’n’control…

….after the US ceases to be a white-majority nation, around 2050 or so.

*roll eyes*

(Counts the number of quotes)

Yep, four quotes, the most so far. But given the blood shed over the issue, and the importance of the issue extending right to this very day — from the Civil Rights Act to the imprisonment of much of Black America to the rise of Woke America– it’s worth the time.

(I still remember when “being woke” was tied to the right-wing men’s movement!)

We Need To Get Our Snouts Out of the Trough

Conservatives can hardly take a break from hammering Bernie or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the wide-eyed, clueless new posterchild of Socialism, but we overlook the greatest Socialist heist in our own back yards. It is bigger, nearer, more real, and it is every bit our own fault—and we are every bit as clueless as the Bronxite butt of our own jokes.

A fiscal watchdog website relates how “Texas Voters Approve Nearly $8 Billion in Bond Debt.”

This is not outstanding debts, but fresh, new debt voted in mainly by conservatives in local districts in a single election, and just in one state.

The total sum is comprised of millions spread across some 84 bond propositions throughout the state. Out of these, the article states that only about four failed to pass. The other 95% range from a few million to almost a billion in a single school district.

While it will be tempting for conservative readers to think this is all happening predictably in those really blue districts headed by crypto-Communist and Socialist Democrats, much the opposite is the case. Certainly, some blue districts have their snouts in the trough, too, but most of these propositions appeared, and passed, in solid red localities.

Take that single largest sum in the lot: Fort Bend Independent School District (ISD) dug itself a nice $992.6 million hole for “New Schools, Renovations, Safety and Technology.” Hardly a blue stronghold, Fort Bend is rather a Republican oasis in the heavily-Democratic Houston area.

Likewise, Collin County is pretty darn red, with high rent districts in Plano and other places. The county does not have a single elected government official that is not a Republican. This election, it floated a cool $750 million in debt. The local Frisco ISD added another whopping $695 million on top of that.

But don’t get the idea this is a problem isolated in the big-spending, big city locales. Dozens of counties from all over Texas appear in the list. You can see for yourself the hundreds of millions squandered in Republican-led district after Republican-led district.

The Real Socialism Problem in America: Can We Handle the Truth? by Joel McDurmon — November 6, 2019

People watch what we do, more than what we say.

Especially when we do the same thing, over and over and over again.

I am confident that there will be no repentance on this point: therefore, bankruptcy and government default is a certainty.

Well, that is a better end than the slaughter of the Civil War as a punishment for our foolishness, individual and collective. There really is progress in history!

(…and the unborn whispers, “You don’t know the half of it, blogger!”)

Same Song, Different Verse

What I’m suggesting is that we must not give ourselves over to the hypocrisy of thinking we can fight against a government that wants to inject aborted fetal cells into the bloodstream of their constituents in the public school all the while defending the public-school system. That’s the ineptitude. That’s a sure way to let the enemy win.

When we wrongly use biblical principles—applying them in one way over here, while applying them in another way over there—we are deploying an army of blundering soldiers who don’t really know what it is we’re supposed to be doing. We cannot and must not trade principles for pragmatism.

Christian: the only way you’re going to win this fight is by fighting God’s way. This requires consistency across the board, and it certainly connects to other issues, much like the cook in the army connects to the Humvee driver on the front line. The God of the Bible who grants individual liberty on things like medical freedom is the same God who does not grant the State the right to steal from others in order to give people an ostensible education. Parents, you are the teachers (Deuteronomy 4). The State exists to punish evil, not legalize evil (Romans 13:1-7).

I submit to you that we will not win this war until we get consistent and on the same biblical page. Ditch the pragmatism and stand on the rock of God’s word.

Hypocrisy In War by Jason Garwood — November 7, 2019

The time to be pragmatic is when doing so pleases God.

If it does not please God, then it is not the time to be pragmatic.

God and His Commandments comes first.

Power, wealth, security, safety, convenience… all that gets put in second place, at best.

Secularist Poses Lead to Comfortable Failure

Babies Are Still Murdered Here is a valuable, well-filmed, but directionless documentary from Apologia Studios, Jon Speed, and Christ is King Baptist Church. It is directed, shot, and edited by Marcus Pittman. 

The makers of the film summarize it as,

“After 40 years, millions of dollars, and multinational pro-life political lobbies, abortion is still alive and well in our country. Why are babies still murdered here?” 

This is an excellent question to ask, and the summary of BASMH seems to indicate that at least a large part of the answer is due to the pro-life movement (PLM) and its errors.

The Good 

The first half of the film does an admirable job of exposing various major PLM organizations on two crucial points: 

1. Their failure to begin with the truth of God’s Word. The film exposes how many PLM organizations are intentionally secular.

2. How these PLM organizations have actively worked against abolitionist bills.

An Abolitionist Review of Babies Are Still Murdered Here by John Reasnor — November 7, 2019

These secularist don’t intend to expand the Kingdom of Christ. They are here to shape the discussion down acceptable channels.

Surprising, how inclusion into the Right Circles, coupled with solid, predictable paychecks, can work to insure controversial and radical ideas die on the vine, while reasonable and politically viable, incremental thinking is encouraged with ever more discussion… and conferences… and meetings… and conventions… and studies…

In the meantime, various states move to crush the heads of babies a minute before they are born.

Some people fight to win. Others love the sound of their voice, coupled with a pleasant, comfortable lifestyle.

This movie is certainly worth seeing. It glorifies God by declaring truth and standing firm on hard issues. The mission of the film is both noble and needed. The filming itself was adequate and did not suffer from some of the more distracting and (frankly) obnoxious film techniques we’ve seen before in other documentaries. The camera remains in focus, and there are little frills and indulgent pretension with the cinematography. This is a good thing. 

BASMH is a film that will be enjoyed by many abolitionists and prolifers, and that’s telling. This is where the film fails. As a movie meant to critique the PLM, it does a half-way job. Instead of reaching the goal, much time is spent on side topics that may be interesting to a Reformed audience, but fail to add value to the mission of the film. This is a film compatible with abolitionism, but it’s not really an abolitionist film. Radical prolifism isn’t enough.

An Abolitionist Review of Babies Are Still Murdered Here by John Reasnor — November 7, 2019


Southern Tariffs? THAT was the Problem?

Some people needs to have their heads screwed on tight.

But it is possible that you know someone who really, truly believes that the American Civil War was about Tariffs, not Slavery.


For those folks, there is a free book, Was Southern Secession About Tariffs?





Humble Theonomy

We are fallible, creaturely, broken people, yet we are not relativists. I recently read a book titled Who’s Afraid of Relativism by James K. A. Smith. The author focuses on the creaturehood of humanity. He even goes so far as to suggest that most evangelicals and Reformed effectively deny our creature-hood because we make “absolute truth” claims. According to the Christian relativist, our faculties are so limited that we can never really know anything with any degree of certainty. Because we are not perfect, the idea is that we can never really know anything. The author provides more nuance and even more confusion, but this too-short of a synopsis will have to suffice.

The relativist is half right.

Outside of the saving grace of Christ, the relativist is correct. Apart from the work of the Holy Spirit, according to the providential election of God before the foundations of the world, yes, we cannot be sure of anything.

Humble Theonomy by John Reasnor — November 9, 2019

It is wise, to be aware of our own shortcomings.

It is foolishness, to claim that God has our shortcomings.

If we do things in our own understanding, and spurn the Holy Spirit, we may get some surface success for a while… and then, a lifelong string of defeat and failure. Sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden, always there.

If we follow the Holy Spirit wholeheartedly and in truth, nothing can stop us.


In the past I’ve posted about various ways I think “church” needs to change in all sorts of ways to get back to what I see as a more biblical way (for example here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here). From mission, to eschatology, to abusive membership practices, to abuse of authority to how disputes should be handled to reductionism of the Gospel and the kingdom, to practical matters such as budget reform and how buildings should be used and not used and so on.

Some of these problems are so dangerous, systemic and entrenched that when taken together they constitute what has been regarded as a ministerial industrial complex (MIC). An ecclesiastical machine which has the effect of keeping Christians in perpetual infancy and exists to serve and perpetuate and serve itself rather than the kingdom. I’ll continue to write about these things but when I write about them, understand this is all done out of genuine love for the body of Christ, for local churches and a desire to see them flourish. I am not looking down on anyone. I am seeking to edify. 

But then there are those who actually take their negative view of the local church too far. If this isn’t you then I’m not referring to you. There are those with real and legitimate reasons for not being part of a local church (at least for the time being) for reasons of abuse, disability or other practical reasons. There are serious cases where local churches are in so much error that they actually become impediments to kingdom advancement for some individuals they claim authority over. 

But for those who have become disillusioned by the local church in one way or another and they begin to regard regular meetings, pulpits (those pieces of furniture that hold your notes or iPad), liturgy (order to an event) and the existence of ordained elders as being bad in and of themselves. The idea is that the very act of making use of these elements is indicative of a waste of time or that they were good for the early church but now are obsolete in our more “advanced” age. Now, they say, we don’t need those anymore. They will go even further and when you tell them that these things are not the problem in and of themselves they will call you a “papist”. For some individuals, it has now gone beyond a “you do what works for you, just leave me alone” mentality; and they are now actively regarding those who disagree that all those things are obsolete as “papists”. I kid you not.

I’ve tried to be a part of the solution and help to manifest a visible and practical alternative and not jeer from the sidelines. I’ll continue to labor towards that end. This won’t deter me one bit. God has been faithful and has blessed us with fruitfulness to that end.  

A Word of Warning by Jordan Wilson — November 16, 2019

I like good-hearted men, so I will give Wilson some slack here.

I especially like the fact that he is thinking of solutions to the problem, and not just complaining. This could be very useful indeed!

I have great difficulty, though, in granting the possibility that the denominations can be redeemed from their long, long string of wilful, comfortable failures. People can repent… but bureaucracies? I doubt it.

At the end of the day, the Second Temple was set alight, and stoned to death, and God used another set of tools to expand His kingdom.

I’ll put the possibility of a similar outcome for today’s denominations at about nine out of ten.

The Fall of the Crippled Christians

Having actually watched the Shapiro-Peterson video, what becomes evidently clear is that after an hour-long discussion with John MacArthur about Christianity and the gospel, Shapiro now concludes that protestant, “faith-based” Christianity is relatively useless for the world in which we now live. Shapiro is now emboldened in this conclusion. He doubles down on the perspective that since Judaism requires one to “take responsibility for one’s own sin” and obliges each Jew to strive hard to make up for their sin and live better to earn God’s approval, Judaism (allegedly) has a stronger motivation for righteous action in the world, whereas Christianity psychologically absolves the Christian of striving to make this world better now because the fundamental problem is solved through the substitutionary atoning sacrifice of Christ and the removal of sin from our record. Hell is avoided, eternal security is procured. Peterson responded to Shapiro’s challenge with agreement that this psychological dynamic is a problem for Protestant Christianity (Eastern Orthodoxy and works-based Roman Catholicism get more of a pass).

Can you blame Shapiro? The gospel that was delivered to him by John MacArthur was described in such a truncated fashion as to communicate that the sole purpose of the Gospel was to save souls from hell for eternity—an “atonement only” gospel that sidelines a large part of the Kingdom of the Messiah and consigns that Kingdom to a future reality that has no bearing on the here and now.

Remember, MacArthur had over an hour to explain the Gospel. Nowhere in that interview did MacArthur explain how through the atonement we are redeemed to be faithful and obedient servants of God in the kingdom of God and that we can be restored to succeed in fulfilling God’s greater plan of fulfilling the dominion mandate to flourish in all the earth and to extend the justice of God to every nation. Nowhere was it explained that the propagation of Christianity and obedience to the Kingdom of God is the only thing that will bring about real positive change in the world—even though he was asked about these very things and was given opportunity. In fact, the opposite was communicated. We can’t even expect this to happen.

Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and the sad consequences of the truncated Gospel by Jordan Wilson — November 25, 2019

So the greatest living American pastor — respected and followed across conservative America — insists that the gospel and obedience to Christ… the expansion of His Kingdom… will bring no change to the world we live in, in time and on earth.

What a pathetic, powerless spirit he is following.

God expects better of you and of me, and of all His loyal, obedient ans fruitful servants.

As for the pulpits? I stand with Bojidar Marinov on the question: purge them.

Whatever spirit they are following, it ISN’T the Spirit of God, that works in this world, and strives for the steady and comprehensive redemption of this world, in our time.

Continuously, relentlessly, overcoming every setback, until death itself is broken, and the world is placed at King Christ’s feet, who then delivers it up to the Father.

Even closer to home, last year I and many others called for an excommunicated racist to be removed as a speaker from a local Christian conference. Did we want to “cancel” neo-nazi sympathizing influence over the Bride of Christ? Absolutely and without an ounce of apology. 

Both Christians and the world want to limit the influence of certain people from our institutions. Both Christians and “the left” seek to influence business and the market to push for our ideals and virtues. Both Christians and liberals want men and women guilty of severe sin, as each side may respectively see it, to have their influence limited. This is not new, and this is not something that should lead to whining podcast hosts or mocking conservative television news anchors. 

Stop whining about individuals using their voice to influence others. We are not dealing with a conspiracy of leftists who somehow just figured out that public outcries and criticisms can affect the world. I think it’s a shame that Chick-fil-a seems to be compromising, I don’t like a lot of Starbucks’ ideals, and I don’t even agree with Karen Swallow Prior on some things, but we need to strive to be honest, consistent, and not sacrifice our integrity for the sake of the culture wars. It won’t do us much good if we keep the gays away while we all become dishonest scoffers.

“Cancel Culture” Strikes at Karen Swallow Prior and “God’s Chicken” by John Reasnor — November 26, 2019

There is more than one road to hell.

And many of those roads are decent, clean, well-swept and respectable, causing not a murmur in either pulpit or pew.

But it’s still a road to hell.

Guns? Yes! But What About People?

There was also the standard dehumanizing language. When I suggested that many immigrants had reason to vote Democrat due to the rhetoric and economic policies coming from the White House, an older white male with a Confederate General for his profile picture was kind enough to educate me that immigrants making decisions based off of incentives and policies was impossible because immigrants aren’t rational. Apparently, immigrants vote Democrat simply because they’re evil and stupid. Thanks, Stonewall. The typical language of “vermin, freeloaders, scum, criminals, thugs, invaders” and much more were soon to follow.

Though the dehumanizing is, frankly, disgusting and contrary to the Spirit of God, the blatant hypocrisy of the “just follow the law” crowd was staggering. This group is advocating for the direct defiance of laws, while many others regularly comment that they will break state gun control laws on an individual level.

Tragically, this sort of double-minded statism is not new. While movements are speedily forming to create more and more sanctuary cities and counties for our AR-15s, the same conservatives are the first people to tell you that we need to obey the Supreme Court when the topic changes to the preborn. Petitions to protect our high-capacity magazines and sporting rifles quickly get tens of thousands of signatures, most conservative leaders shrug off calls to set up sanctuary cities for human beings as if defying injustice is some incredible novelty.

Conservative political, media, and religious leaders are fully aware of the sanctuary city/county/state concept and many support this principled view when it comes to firearms. They are very much aware that defiance is an option, so when the topic changes from rifles and magazines to unborn humans, it is not an issue of education. They cannot tell their sheriffs to ignore State law on Monday to then conveniently forget about the sanctuary concept on Tuesday. We have ourselves a priority problem.

Those who will die for their AR-15, but never their neighbor by John Reasnor — December 2, 2019

It’s not that there shouldn’t be sanctuary cities for AR-15’s. There should be!

But there should also be sanctuary cities for the stranger within our gates.

God’s people are not to follow the law only when it is convenient. They should ALWAYS follow the example and commandments laid down by God!

Joy to the World

If we fail to understand that postmillennialism was the dominant eschatology in the 18th century during which this hymn was written, and that author Isaac Watts himself was an ardent postmillennialist, one could see how it could be assumed that Christ’s second coming was Watt’s intent behind the Christmas hymn “Joy to the World” and not his first coming.

But first, simply notice the tense of the song is not future. Watts could have easily written, “Joy to the world the Lord will come” or “the Savior will reign” or “He will rule the world”, but he didn’t. The fact that he chose not to, fits perfectly with his inaugurated postmillennial eschatology. The song is intentionally written to highlight and celebrate the present, earth redeeming imperatives of Christ’s first advent. The Old Testament picture we are given by the prophets of Christ’s first appearing is that it was a cosmic event, forever altering the course of history.

End the Lies! “Joy to the World” IS a Christmas Song! by Jordan Wilson — December 3, 2019

King Jesus rules today.

When Christians recognize this, the world will be a far more blessed place.

Turbulent, perhaps chaotic at times as the demonic strongholds collapse like dominoes.

But still, spiritually and materially better!

“Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end…”

The most fitting interpretation, then, is that the increase of the Messiah’s government and peace will have no earthly limitations or bounds. Galilee would not be the only citizens of Christ’s kingdom, but his dominion would extend throughout all the earth, subjecting all nations to his will through the triumph of the saving gospel. John Gill explained the meaning of this phrase best:

Of the increase of his government,…. That is, of the Prince of peace, on whose shoulders it is; which, from small beginnings, will rise to a very great pitch and height of glory; this is signified by the stone cut out of the mountain without hands; that smote the image, became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth, Daniel 2:34 and by the parable of the mustard seed, the least of all seeds, and yet, when grown up, becomes a great tree, in which the birds of the air build their nests, Matthew 13:31. Christ’s kingdom and interest, his dominion and government, may be said to be increased, when his Gospel is spread far and near, which is called the Gospel of the kingdom, and the doctrines of it, the mysteries of the kingdom; by means of which men become subjects of it, and so his kingdom is enlarged. At first it was only preached in Judea; and then it was carried into the Gentile world, where it met with great success, and was spread to the overthrow of Paganism in the Roman empire; … at the Reformation it broke out again, and spread itself over many nations; and though of late years there has been a decline, in the latter day the knowledge of it will cover the earth, as the waters do the sea, and multitudes shall be converted by it; which is meant by the increase of Christ’s government (Gill, Commentary on Isaiah 9:7)

Gill rightly recognizes that there is harmony in the way the Bible describes Christ’s kingdom. It is progressive and portrayed as such over and over again. The Bible emphasizes that the kingdom will begin minuscule but end up ginormous, as illustrated in Scripture: a rock to a great mountain which covers the earth (Dan 2:34-35), a twig to a noble cedar (Eze 17:22-24), a stream of ankle-deep water to swimming-deep water (Eze 47:1-12), a mustard seed to a great tree and leaven spreading throughout three measure of flour till it was completely leavened (Matt 13:31-33). This is how we are to expect Christ’s kingdom to increase.

“For unto us a child is born”: The never ceasing progression of Christ’s government by Benjamin Moore — December 17, 2019

The good guys, led by the Good Man, are going to win.

In time, and on earth.


(Make that “Earth, and all other worlds and locations inhabited or not, everywhere” if you are in a sci-fi frame of mind.)

Purge the Pulpits. Smash the Guilds!

The clergy is one of the last remaining mediaeval guilds in Western society, and it is a serious cancer on the body of Christ. It is negative and destructive, and if you doubt this what more proof could you need than the state of the Church today, which in the main is controlled by clergy guilds, which restrict access to ministry to guild members and therefore impede the work of the kingdom, since God does not accept this guild membership game and does not play by its rules, and never has. It is a game of power invented by men for men, and has nothing whatsoever to do with God’s criteria for ministry, which is calling. If you doubt this read the prophets. When you read a prophetic book in the Bible what is the first thing that the prophets usually say? Not always but usually. That they were ordained by such and such presbytery or bishop? That they are genuine guild members? No! They say something like “this was not my idea. I was minding my own business when God called me.” In other words the first thing they say is usually to explain their calling. Indeed the word prophet means one who is called. The definition of a false prophet is someone who had no calling from God,—but they are well called by men. That is to say, their calling is from men not God. The court prophets were those who were in favour with the establishment, the politicians and priests. They were members of the guild. The prophets called by God did not fit this pattern. They were outsiders. They were not guild members.

Of course the people did not want to hear from the prophets God had called either. They also preferred the false prophets, those who were vetted and accepted by the authorities, the court prophets, who would tell them what they wanted to hear. And so it is today on the whole. People prefer the carefully vetted clergymen who will conform to their expectations by justifying their apathy and not rocking the boat, who will keep the status quo. But the Bible gives us a stark warning about this situation: “the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule at their direction; my people love to have it so, but what will you do when the end comes?” (Jer. 5:31).

One of the interesting things about guilds historically is that the industrial revolution probably would not have happened if the guilds had been as strong at that time as they were in mediaeval times. It was Cromwell that smashed the power of the guilds in England. He would not tolerate that men who had been in the army fighting tyranny would have to leave the army to find their opportunities to work and earn a livelihood restricted because they were not members of guilds. They were allowed to work regardless of guild membership and rules and the power of the guilds was broken.

It is time to smash the power of the clerical guilds. The growth of the kingdom of God requires it. The clerical guilds are like a cork in a bottle. They stop anything from going in or coming out of it, as Jesus said of the scribes and Pharisees: “But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in” (Mt. 23:13). The clerical guilds suppress the real ministries needed to facilitate the equipment of the body of Christ for the work of the kingdom, and therefore the growth of the kingdom, which is a counter-revolutionary prophetic social order that exists by God’s grace to convert and disciple the nations, not a clerical guild that exists to facilitate the growth of self-serving clerical guild support associations, i.e. church planting. We must seek first the kingdom of God.

Smash The Guilds! by Stephen C. Perks — December 18, 2019

You KNOW it Needs To Be Done.

Priesthoods grounded in the tradition of men have been the core enemy of Christ since He was physically walking the earth. They are far weaker today than five centuries ago, and the thin gruel that Satan has propped up to take their place – the Party, the Academics, the Bureaucrat, even the white-smock priesthood of the Scientist – just can’t make the cut.

But to the extent a man-built and man-empowered priesthood still has influence on the Church…

— of which every member is a lawful priest with authority, men and women, old timer and young believer, so long as they uphold the Commandments of God —

…to that extent, the religious guilds still hinder and poison the Church!

Purge the pulpits.

Get a godly grandma up there! Or the old plumber who has a good heart, but stumbles over his words sometimes. Or the faithful convict who repented and has been living clean for a decade now. Or the drop out and drug addict who loves God… and her life shows that love and caring.

But get rid of the self-serving, defeat-loving, fear-pushing, sanctimonious compulsive failures who currently dominate the Western Christian Church.

God laid down His requirements for an elder long ago:

Biblical Qualities of an Elder

  • One who is above reproach;
  • Has a good reputation;
  • Faithful to his wife;
  • Not given to heavy drinking;
  • Not violent, quarrelsome, or quick-tempered;
  • Gentle;
  • Enjoys having guests;
  • One who is able to teach others;
  • His children respect and obey him;
  • He is not a new believer and has a strong belief;
  • Not arrogant;
  • Not dishonest with money and does not love money;
  • One who exercises discipline and self-control.

Of women being pastors, it is noble and good to consider FIRST the Biblical case. Istoria Ministries gives a great outline here. I will only note that the entire drive of the Bible is the spreading of the Holy Spirit (and its authority) from the few to the many.

SECOND, we also need to see how the Church is growing, and it is growing fast in Iran and China… where almost all the ministers are women. Few or none are seminary-trained, but that’s a good thing.

Where God’s Spirit moves is where we should go, and we should listen when He speaks.

Let the Godly woman talk, so long as she hews close to the Lord God and His Commandments.

You know, just like Phoebe did, who the Apostle Paul commended.

And let the Godless man stay silent.

Our Bastards, Their Bastards

How many nations who have never attacked the USA must we occupy and bomb before these so-called “theonomists” think that Trump has committed a crime according to the Law Word of God (Exodus 20:13)? How many untried Image Bearers of God must be tortured (Matthew 18:34, Acts 16, Jeremiah 20:2; 38:6)? How many charities must be defrauded (Micah 2:1-3, Proverbs 22:16-17)? How many billions of dollars must be plundered from citizens (Jeremiah 30:16, Matthew 11:18-20)? How much of our hard-earned money will be watered down by unjust weights and measures (Deuteronomy 25:15, Proverbs 11:1)? How many people must be kidnapped and placed into cages like animals (Exodus 21:16, Deuteronomy 10:19)? How many abortions does our nation need to fund and allow (Psalm 139:13-16, Jeremiah 1:5, Job 31:15)? For those opposed to the Cherem principle, how many adulterous affairs and unrighteous divorces must there be before we see his actions as criminal (Leviticus 20:10)? Or are those laws only good for homosexuals?

And these are but a few examples. Again, the Democrats’ case is weak, but it is only weak according to the sham that is our current political system. Trump may not be guilty of the Democrat’s charges, but he is guilty of far worse.

And yet some theonomists judge Trump not only according to man’s law, but they judge him according to the Hillary Clinton Standard or the Bernie Sanders Standard. We judge by a worldly political metric, and not by God’s Law. Never God’s standard. As long as he’s not the most evil, we cheer him on and parade about like a bunch of mindless sycophantic fanboys. I pray, brothers, let us not grade on a Hillary curve. He is guilty of capital crimes according to the Law Word of God. Not just Trump, but many politicians, military leaders, and yes, even former presidents. Yet, Trump does not become less guilty because others are also guilty. That is not a game Christians play. The Democrats are hypocrites, but that doesn’t mean we get to be too.  

In short, there’s a big difference between reluctantly trying to be strategic and prostituting out the name of Christ and Reconstructionist ideals to whoremongering and warmongering reprobates in high office. We can judge the wicked Godlessness of the left without becoming passive cheerleaders of a slightly less Godless right.

Brothers, we are not partisan cheerleaders. by John Reasnor — December 20, 2019

If Christians judge adulterers by the same Biblical standard as for homosexuals, we would be a lot more respect… and there would be a lot fewer corrupt churchmen, businessmen, family leaders, and politicians too.

Right now, that isn’t going to happen. Quite the contrary: the solid core of Western Christians, left and right, are happy to let sodomy flourish so long as “the good” adulterers are left alone to their evils too.

That isn’t how God does things, though.

First the corrupt Church get punished, then the corrupt Pagans.

You have been warned.

Merry Christmas From Lamb’s Reign

Many Christians of all stripes sing this in their churches. But do they realize the implications of what they sing? That the doctrine within flies in the face of what they otherwise practice and preaching regarding the church allegedly being in exile? To the contrary this hymn repudiates this directly.

“O come, O come, Emmanuel And ransom captive Israel That mourns in lonely exile here, until the Son of God appear. Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel Shall come to thee, O Israel”

This Christmas remember: The Messiah has appeared. His mission, accomplished. Tomb, emptied. Death, defeated. All authority, his. Nations, inherited. Prince of Peace, coronated. Kingdom, inaugurated. Holy Spirit, outpoured. New Covenant, established. Mt. Zion, arrived. Serpent, bound. Great commission, instituted. The Abrahamic exile? Ended.

Merry Christmas From Lamb’s Reign by Jordan Wilson — December 24, 2019

Christmas points to victory, on earth, empowered by the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ Name.

Sanitary Murder

The Guttmacher 2019 report in question claims that abortions have reached the lowest point since abortion became federally legal.

There are many factors to take into account before believing this headline. Some of these factors include problems with the philosophical presuppositions of the Guttmacher Institute and the potential for high numbers of abortions caused by methods not included in the study (especially hormonal birth control methods.) 

First, because it is crucial to understand the worldview presuppositions of the reports we are endorsing, it should be understood that Planned Parenthood created the Guttmacher Institute for the express purpose of creating statistical documentation in defense of Planned Parenthood. They are a pro-abortion activist organization. This does not mean everything they report is a lie, but it is foolish to accept their definitions and findings uncritically.

Second, how does The Guttmacher Institute define pregnancy? According to a 2005 policy paper published on their website, they consider pregnancy to be “when a fertilized egg has implanted in the wall of her uterus.” In all of their research and statistics, this is the standard they use. This foundational belief is a pro-abortion and contra-Biblical standard and should be kept in mind while reading their information. 

Have prolife regulations decreased abortion? by John Reasnor — December 31, 2019

The Right Sort always did prefer to control both sides of the argument. Generating your own statistics helps with this.

When considering these various factors, we are left with a much more sobering situation. All that can be proven is a decrease in types of abortion, while it remains complicated and challenging to prove anything else. Though we can’t accurately track many types of abortion, we can track the growing acceptance of abortion in our nation as well as other highly relevant factors.

* Public favorability for abortion has never been higher.

* Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptions (one form of a potentially abortifacient method) is increasing.

* IUD (another potentially abortifacient method) usage is breaking historical records with over 4.4 women using these devices. This is a jump from about 1% of all US women to over 7% of all US women since 1995.

* Female sterilization has decreased along with increases in “the pill” usage.

* Socialized access to hormonal birth control has increased dramatically since the passing of the Affordable Care Act.

* “Medication” abortions are rapidly increasing since FDA approval in 2000. These are often not tracked in statistics.

* Non-reported “self-managed” abortions are increasing in part due to greater online availability of abortion drugs. This could have massive implications.

Have prolife regulations decreased abortion? by John Reasnor — December 31, 2019

God’s enemies eliminate themselves and their future, as they violate His law.

We will too, if we decide to despise His law and start down the road of “abortion is wrong, except when…”

But as long as we are remain committed to the end of all murder, sanitary or not, pretty or not, then to that extent we will have a future.

When you work to protect the lives and the future of the little ones, you protect your own life and future too.

Will this come at a cost? You bet: especially if when the welfare state falls apart, and God’s people are called to put our money and time where are mouths are, when it comes to caring for the results of unplanned and undesired pregnancies.

Is it worth the cost? Yes.

While gory forms of abortion decrease, techniques that appear to be far more sanitary are increasing. Some Christians use images of aborted late-term babies. The emotional shock that those hard images cause is a helpful tool in exposing abortion. But when an abortion can look like a little bit of spotting or look like hardly anything at all, that is not a victory. The same act, abortion, is being hidden away and sanitized. It is becoming easier to hide and more comfortable to justify because it is harder to empathize with a preimplantation human being. The older child looks more like me, so I feel more when I see the results of his or her death. But does my heart ache as much when the child is too small to see clearly or at all? Christian, is the Image of God dependant on a level of biological development, and if it isn’t, are we acting like it is?

Have prolife regulations decreased abortion? by John Reasnor — December 31, 2019

Pretty and tidy forms of murder is still murder.

Numerous Christians know this… but don’t really care so long as it doesn’t affect them personally.

“Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, I was a stranger and you did not welcome me, naked and you did not clothe me, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.’ Then they also will answer, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to you?’ Then he will answer them, saying, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.’ And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”

Matthew 25:41-16, English Standard Version

And by the time it does affect them personally, everything will be set in stone.


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